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Saturday, June 03,  2006


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                                                                                                                   From, May 28, 2006 to June 03, 2006 

Q&a: 'Mangroves Also Emit Greenhouse Gases'

After leading a study on methane emissions from southern India's coastal wetlands, R Ramesh ,

director of Anna University's Institute of Ocean Management, is now one of the principal

investigators for Indoflux, a pioneering initiative in India to . . .

'The Army Has To Come Out'

'The Indians are teaching the Americans, too, how to occupy a place ... The occupation of Kashmir

has taken place over years. ... In Iraq, you have 125,000 or so American troops in a situation of

war, controlling 25 million Iraqis.

"The Drug Problem As We Know It Of Late Is A Consequence . . .

Antonio Maria Costa, Executive Director, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, claims his office

has been able to contain the problem of narcotics use. In an interview during a brief visit to Kolkata

recently, he said more could be achieved . . .

‘Our Second Freedom Will Release Us’

A C Kamaraj, an engineer, and an ardent believer in the interlinking of rivers, was a member of the

committee of experts on interlinking of rivers set up by the Union government.

Kashmir Rebel Chief Rejects Indian "Come Home" Call

The Pakistan-based commander of Kashmir's biggest guerrilla group rejected on Wednesday an

appeal by India's prime minister for militants to return to their homes, saying New Delhi must first

leave the territory.

S.African Refinery Says India Gold Sales Down

Physical sales of gold from South Africa's Rand Refinery to the biggest consuming nation India have

fallen by around a fifth so far this year due to a strong rally in prices, a refinery official said on


"Several People Have Refused The Nobel"

Bangalore is famous the world over as home to a number of hi-tech multi-national companies and

world class colleges. Infact we have been brought into Bangalore by Ericsson

Eu Trade Boss Welcomes June Wto Meeting, Sees Risk

Europe's trade chief welcomed a call by the World Trade Organisation on Tuesday for top negotiators

to meet in June to seek a key part of a global trade deal, but he warned the round still faced

potential disaster.

'What Should I Apologise For?'

He was in Spain, attending a friend's wedding and participating in the Imagine India film festival,

when Fanaa's producer Aditya Chopra and director Kunal Kohli informed Aamir Khan about the ban

imposed on his latest release by cinema associations . . .

Why No Protests On Capitation Fees?

The anti-quota participant in the programme was not really qualified to debate the well-known

social-scientist who argued that we can point out the flaws in quotas, but to say that the entire

mechanism should be scrapped would be going too far.

“There Have To Be Final Talks For Solution”

 He is distant, cold and speaks briefly.

Quotas By Fiat

 Blaming the politicians for keeping caste biases alive, Prof Andre Beteille insists that reservations will

lead to social polarisation.

"I'm At The Crossroads"

The Adelaide Writers' Week offered an interesting meeting with Australian author Helen Garner.

Irrepressible Metropolis

Filmmaker Madhusree Dutta's "Seven Islands and a Metro" focusses on the invisible citizens who keep

the city's wheels running.

Clear Choice In Kerala A Cannon's Tale

Kerala votes against the neoliberal agenda of the Congress-led front, which is backed by sectarian


Left In Government

The Left is now placed in a happy transitional period when it can get the support of rural toilers and

urban middle classes.

Minority Government In Tamil Nadu

The DMK's manifesto and alliance arithmetic enable M. Karunanidhi to take charge as Chief Minister

for the fifth time in Tamil Nadu.

A Fairy Tale Debut

Kaavya Viswanathan talks about her book, fame and future.

Bending Communism Like Buddha In The Citadel Of Marxism

West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadev Bhattacharya has unleashed a virtual revolution in the Marxist


Q&a: 'Rushdie Is Only Indian Author To Hit Big Time'

Bloomsbury's publishing director Liz Calder's most recent success has been the launch of the famous

Harry Potter series of books written by J K Rowling. Salman Rushdie credits her with the launch of his

Booker Prize winner Midnight's Children.

‘India Follows A Democratic Path Of Debate’

Guy Sorman, a French philosopher and Indophile, believes that India is coping well with globalisation

compared to China. He says that the real issue is not the clash between West and Islam, but

between the radical and moderate Muslims.

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