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Saturday, May 20,  2006

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                                                                                                                   From, May 14, 2006 to May 20, 2006 

We need a culture of responsibility’  

10 Questions

The Maharani of Baroda on her bid to rescue MP’s traditional weave, the Chanderi  

Q&a: 'To Be A Good Charity Is To Be Sustainable'

From being in the travel business to philanthropy, that's the trajectory of Christel DeHaan's life.  

‘Self-Centred Middle Class Is India’S Tragedy’

The National Knowledge Commission (NKC) has been in the spotlight over Chairman Sam Pitroda’s

run-in with Union Human Resource Development Minister Arjun Singh over the reservation issue.  

India Is A Positive Story

Looking at the general level of economic growth in China and India we describe it as an enormous

success story.  

'It's A Lie That Cpi-M Is Anti-Reform'

On Sunday, the Communist Party of India-Marxist leader V S Achuthanandan, who is the new chief

minister of Kerala, landed at Thiruvananthapuram airport to a rousing welcome.  

'What More Do The Upper Castes Want?'

Dr Udit Raj (formerly Ram Raj) is the chairman of the All-India Confederation of the Scheduled

Caste/Scheduled Tribe Federations.  

'For 7 Months, We Weren't Told To Fly Any Mission'

Air vice marshal and the operations manager with the RAW's Aviation Research Centre (ARC) before

and during the Kargil war, speaks on the intelligence inputs given to army and political leadership.  

Q&a: 'Legality Of Nuclear Weapons Is Subject To Debate'

International Committee of the Red Cross has come out with a comprehensive study of customary

international humanitarian law. Jean-Marie Henckaerts, co-author of the study along with Louise

Doswald-Beck, talks to Humra Qureshi about international . . .  

'The King Is Down But Not Out'

We welcome this decision of the Seven-Party Alliance (SPA) government as a positive step that will

allow us to move ahead and implement the 12-point understanding reached between us last

November. But we should remember that the King is down but not out.  

Exploring Architecture

`Architecture is not about creating forms but about affecting life,' says Ole Bouman.  

‘At Cry, We Look At Root Causes’

When Ingrid Srinath, CEO of Child Rights and You (CRY), says name change is a big thing, it has the

effect of a rallying cry. For CRY is on the cusp of change, the R changed in March from ‘Relief’ to


"We Are Looking Forward To Increased Cooperation With India In Space"

Nasa chiefMichael Griffinspeaks on India-U.S. collaboration, the quality of ISRO's work, and training


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