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Saturday, May 13,  2006

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                                                                                                                   From, May 07, 2006 to May 13, 2006 


What is your reaction to the G.P. Koirala government's ceasefire offer and its decision to remove the

terrorist tag from the Maoists? 


To what factors do you attribute your record victory from Bhaderwah? It was a triumph for the

coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir, and its policies. 

'Cpi-M Not Out To Destabilise Upa'

Brinda Karat, the Communist Party of India-Marxist Rajya Sabha member and Politburo member,

spoke exclusively to rediff.com Managing Editor (National Affairs) Sheela Bhatt on the verdict in

West Bengal and Kerala, and the party's relations with the . . . 

'Shut Down Projects, Leave Afghanistan'

The new Taliban spokesmen peddle their version, claim that K. Suryanarayana confessed during

interrogation that he was an American spy. 

&a: 'We Will Raise Finances For The State From Nris'

He is one of the founders of CPM and a member of its powerful politburo. Despite that V S

Achuthanandan , 83, has never held ministerial office. That could change if the Left Front wins this


"Evictions Now A National Crisis"

Miloon Kothariis the Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing appointed by the United Nations

Commission on Human Rights. He spoke toThe Hinduon resettlement and rehabilitation under

development projects and forced evictions in urban centres. 

Pakistan Charity Says U.S. Terror Label An Indian Plot

The founder of one of the most feared militant groups fighting in Kashmir accused the United States

on Tuesday of pandering to India and being anti-Islam by branding the charity he now runs as a

terrorist organisation. 

'Energy Efficiency Is Good Investment'

Power rationing and breakdowns are regular features of summer. Also, global energy geopolitics

continues to keep consumers on the edge, with countries driving bargains for access to oil. Mike

Thompson, director, environmental affairs, TRANE, a US . . . 

Jayalalithaa Promises Gold To Poor Brides-To-Be

During an election tour of Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu chief minister Jaya-lalithaa promised her

constituents that she would provide four grammes of gold to girls belonging to families living below

the poverty line. 

'We're Losing Our Ability To Be Bilingual'

Ever since his first book, Saat Sakham Trechalis, Sahitya Aka-demi-winner Kiran Nagarkar hasn't

returned to writing in Marathi. His latest book, God's Little Soldier, is in English and he doesn't have

any plans of going back to Marathi. 

Hurriyat Wants Militants To Join Talks

Kashmir's main separatist political alliance said on Friday it wanted to invite Islamist militants fighting

in the disputed region to join new peace talks with New Delhi. 

Jewelry Demand Unfazed By Surging Gold Prices

Soaring bullion prices are unlikely to end rising demand for gold as the jewelry industry in India,

newly found investor interest and medicinal uses all continue to defy expansion forecasts, a top gold

official said on Friday. 

Government Urged To Intervene In Chitrakala Parishat Row

B.L. Shankar says he continues to be the rightful president of the parishat The former Legislative

Council Chairman questions validity of resolution replacing him Claims that property of the Trust is in

danger Says credibility of the parishat is at 

Interview For Students

Claire Birney, Associate Dean of International Office, Newport will be in CampusUK office at Chennai

on Saturday (4 p.m and 7 p.m) to interview prospective students for this September intake.

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