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Saturday, February, 11  2006

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 From February 05, 2006 to February 11, 2006 

Iraq's Sadr Says Prophet Images Must Unite Muslims

Muslims must unite and set aside sectarian differences to counter a Western "crusade" on Islam following a furore over cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad, Iraqi Shi'ite leader Moqtada al-Sadr said on Friday.  

'Legal Literacy Is To Be Aware Of Rights'

Niyama Sameeksha is a rare attempt to take legal literacy to the grass roots. Established as a trust in 1997, it publishes a magazine in Malayalam on legal issues as varied as POTA and Head Load Workers' Act and organises camps on rights . . .  

‘Changes Come From Affected Masses’

Medha Patkar, NBA leader: “The lakhs of people whose villages and homes have been submerged are committed to the cause. This gives me strength.”  

From People's War To Competitive Democracy

As leader of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist),Prachandais arguably the most important political player in the Himalayan kingdom today. In an exclusive face-to-face interview withThe Hindu, he discusses his party's road map for the end to monarchy . .  

‘The Fast Breeder Programme Just Cannot Be Put On The Civilian List’

Anil Kakodkar played a key role in the 1974 ‘peaceful nuclear explosion’ at Pokharan and was dubbed the ‘baby’ of that team. He subsequently rose among the ranks to be mission director for the 1998 nuclear explosions.  

Israeli Envoy Upbeat On Solving Iran Nuclear Issue

The Israeli Ambassador to the United States expressed optimism on Monday that international diplomacy in the next few months could curb Iran's suspected nuclear weapons program.

Congress Bent On Creating Problems: Mulayam

Uttar Pradesh Chief MinisterMulayam Singh Yadavsays his party is trying to expose how the Congress is working against the ideals of secularism, and consequently against the national interest. Excerpts from an exclusive interview: 

‘Chanting Easier Than Words’

In the mid-1980s, a young monk from Arunachal Pradesh joined the Drepung Loseling monastery in Mundgod in Karnataka. Very soon he caught the attention of the monastery’s Principal Chant Master who asked him to join the chanting group. 

"Ours Is A Fight Against Terrorism"

Mahendra Karma, the key figure behind the anti-Maoist civilian initiative, says the Maoists are now on the `defensive.' Excerpts from a recent interview in Hyderabad:  

Terror? We Are Better Off

Shivraj Patil has been a key member of the Congress think tank ever since Sonia Gandhi became Congress president. His long experience as Speaker, Deputy Speaker and deputy leader of the opposition has made him a leading light of the Manmohan Singh . . .  

`Our Wto Negotiations Are Mainly About Making Russia An Equal Participant In Global Trade'

It is important that we complete the negotiations with India on Russia's WTO accession. We are sure that our fast accession would be in India's interests, too, because Russia honouring its agreed commitments would mean better and broader access of Indian

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