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Friday, December 22, 2006

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From December 16, 2006 to December 22, 2006

India Can’t Live In Isolation

The debates in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha as well as media comments on the US legislation in favour of exceptionalising India for civilian nuclear cooperation in spite of India not signing the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) revealed that a . . .

Cashing In On Christmas

It is not only China's Christians who have cause to give thanks this Christmas but tens of thousands of workers. For, China manufactures some 70 per cent of the world's Christmas decorations.

No Progress In Six-Party Talks

China's Foreign Minister meets chief delegates of all sides.

"Africa Keen On Ties With India, China"

Konare favours idea of a "United States of Africa" African nations need more time to debate Security Council expansion "Africa is ready to solve its . . .

Treading Through A Minefield

As the peace process gathers momentum, new challenges become apparent.

Mumbai Bombings: Missing Evidence

The charge-sheet is filed against the July 11 bombers, but the police case is full of holes.

Private Virtue

A much admired lady, who was raising funds for her NGO, once ask-ed me what I did for a living. I told her that I worked for a company.

N-Bill Done, Pm To Move On Pak, J&k

With the Hyde Act that liberates India from long atomic isolation in his pocket, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s diplomatic focus is now likely to shift to Pakistan.

Hyde And Seek

The Hyde Act, with its harsh provisions, will always remain a Damocles' sword over India's head. This does not mean we withdraw from the minuet and the next step of negotiating a formal bilateral agreement with the US.

Bush Seeks To Allay India's Concerns

President issues three caveats to construe policy statements as advisory Will not be bound by some of the law's provisions: Bush India wants 123 pact to incorporate all U.S. commitments.

U.S., North Korea Hold Direct Talks

Lifting of sanctions focus of dialogue.

Us To Shield Nuke Data It Gets In India

On a day Prime Mini-ster Manmohan Singh admitted in Parlia-ment that certain provisions in the Hyde Act were "a cause for concern", the White House issued a statement that sought to spin reality and protect classified data collection rather than . . .

Man Held Over U.K. Serial Killings

A supermarket worker, who sought out media attention, has been arrested in connection with the sensational murders of five young women, whose bodies were found between December 2 and 13 in different rural locations around Ipswich, a small town in . . .

Judiciary Cannot Direct Parliament

It was the last sitting of India’s Constituent Assembly.

Jihadi Threat In Goa Is Real

Terrorists arrested in Goa and the travel advisory by Israeli authorities affirm that the tourist destination could be a possible target of Al Qaeda.

Dismal Scenario In B’Desh

JOI Bangla was the slogan that resounded in the streets of Dhaka and outside this month 35 years ago.

Few Cheers For Blair In His Last Days At No 10

His interrogation by the police and a fresh row over Britain's allegedly murky arms deal with Saudi Arabia make headlines.

The Means And End Of Generating More Tax Revenue

The government’s decision to revive the Income Tax Ombudsman scheme that had existed in the 1960s is an excellent move that will give diligent taxpayers the ability to protest against undue harassment.

If Only We Had A Confident Class!

The debate over the proposed Indo-US co-operation on nuclear energy is nearing both the final round and a point of utter exhaustion.

Unchained Melody

Those familiar with Bengali films of an earlier vintage may be forgiven for thinking that West Bengal is the land of the permanently aggrieved.

Private Virtue, Public Vice

A much admired lady, who was raising funds for her NGO, once ask-ed me what I did for a living. I told her that I worked for a company.

Bjp’s Tale Of Two Leaders And Their Foundering Party

The latest hullabaloo in the highest echelons of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) certifies for those who may still have doubts that the party’s two aged leaders will hammer the last nail into the coffin of Hindutva before they . . .

Pride Versus Possession

Some countries learn from their mistakes, some don?t.

Inept Administration

Anyone with an iota of common sense would see that Mumbai’s decay, manifest in crumbling infrastructure, is not because its people don’t have the enterprise or drive to better their lot, but due to an inept and corrupt administration.

Pranab To Assist In Nepal Talks

On his first visit since assuming charge as the External Affairs Minister, Mukherjee is expected to hold consultations with the government and Maoist leaders to help iron out all remaining points of differences between the two sides.

Oslo Undecided About Allowing India Access To Nuclear Technology

Looking forward to talks at the Nuclear Suppliers' Group on the issue.

Flavour Of The Season

A quaintly eccentric Englishman I knew in the Seventies practised a strange opening gambit. What, he had the disconcerting habit of asking total strangers in the conviviality of a student’s bar, do you think of John Betjeman?

Japan-India Partnership Key To Bolstering Stability In Asia

Japan and India are natural allies because they have no conflict of strategic interests and actually share common goals to build stability, power equilibrium and institutionalized multilateral cooperation in Asia.

Pm, Abe To Discuss Cooperation Among Asian Democracies

The idea of political cooperation among Asian democracies is expected to figure prominently in tomorrow’s formal talks between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the Japanese leadership in Tokyo.

Changing Mindsets?

So can the perceptions and mindsets in the two countries about each other change? What accounts for such a deep-rooted distrust? Is Musharraf sincere in his "enlightened moderation"?

Problem Resurfaces

It is again a clash between the liberation and anti-liberation forces in Bangla. But the victims are the people.  

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