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Friday, December 15, 2006


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From December 09, 2006 to December 15, 2006

The Chinese Challenge

Exchanges of visits between the leaders of India and China have become commonplace after the visit of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi to China in December 1988.

U.K. Rights Group Lauds Tamil Nadu

A British human rights group has hailed Tamil Nadu as a good model for protection of minority rights but said the Union Government had failed to "replicate" it in other conflict-prone States such as Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir and Nagaland.

Panic Over Serial Killings

A small English town, famous for its medieval architecture and picturesque landscape, has been gripped by panic after a series of mysterious murders of young commercial sex workers in the past 10 days amid fears that the killer may strike again.

China Remains A Challenge

Exchanges of visits between the leaders of India and China have become commonplace after the visit of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi to Beijing in December 1988.

Outstanding Debt = Expansion Plan + More

Pramod Mittal of the Ispat group is obviously in high spirits these days. Last week, he acquired CSKA Sofia, a premier division Bulgarian football club in a deal estimated at 14 million Euros.

Nuke Is A Four-Letter Word In Tokyo So High-Tech Trade Key

As he arrives in Tokyo today, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will be looking for a nuanced Japanese position on civilian nuclear cooperation and a more explicit commitment to liberalise non-nuclear high technology trade with India.

Visit Of The Rising Ties

Dr Manmohan Singh’s visit to Japan starting today might not appear to have the paradigm-breaking quality that marked the PM’s talks with US President George W. Bush in Washington in July 2005 that produced the historic Indo-US nuclear deal.

How Diana Died: Facts And Fiction

Will they or won't they? Will they finally let go of the lurid conspiracy theories and accept with good grace that Princess Diana's death in a Paris car crash on August 31, 1997, was simply a tragic accident and not engineered by shadowy secret . . .

Lifetime Fuel Guarantee Remains A Sticking Point In `123' Talks With U.S.

Differences on reprocessing right, language on testing narrowed.

Importance Of Navy’s Three Roles

The government needs to understand the Navy's role more clearly to use it effectively to contribute to national goals.

Like Kissinger In Beijing

The US Congress has voted the amendment to their basic nuclear legislation to exceptionalise India for cooperation in civil nuclear field with massive bipartisan majorities in both Houses.

"Only Commitments In Accord Will Bind India"

Government analysing clauses in U.S. Bill India must determine mandatory changes.

Nsg Rule Gives U.S. Firms `Level Playing Field' With India

Seeks special verification visits as fall-back safeguards.

U.S. Got Nsg Inspection Rule Tightened For India

Guidelines revised to mandate third country safeguards verification.

U.S. Nuclear Act Ignored Rice Plea On Key Points

The final version of the United States law authorising nuclear commerce with India failed to incorporate key eleventh hour suggestions made by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, despite her claim that some of the Indian objections they were . . . . .

Bias And The Police

"Segregated lives," wrote the scholar Ramesh Thakur in 2002, "lead to ghastly violence."

The Us Nuclear Enactment

There is a lot of confusion in certain sections of opinion in this country about the significance and implications of the consensus bills passed by the two Houses of US Congress.

Buddha's Ta-Ta To Dogmatism

Those familiar with Bengali films of an earlier vintage may be forgiven for thinking that West Bengal is

the land of the permanently aggrieved.

Cpm Gets Taste Of Own Medicine Over Singur

As someone who blames Marxists, demi-Marxists and Nehruvian socialists for nearly all of India’s economic and administrative ailments, it was heart-warming for me to see protestors outside the Marxist party’s office in Delhi last week.

Mumbai Reckoning

It is another sign of India's growing attractiveness as an investment destination that editors of The Daily Reckoning, a well regarded US based investment webzine made their maiden trip to Mumbai last week.

U.S. Congress For Killer Clause In Nuclear Suppliers Group Guidelines

If the United States Congress has its way, Washington will insist that the Nuclear Suppliers Group's amended guidelines include a stipulation that a violation by India of any of its agreements with one supplier country should lead to the cancellation . .

Every Bump In Market Shrinks Investor Population

On friday, as the BSE Sensex crashed 180 points, my neighbour Sinha (name changed) worried about people who probably lost big chunks of their savings that day.

Kashmir: It’s Time To Move On

'It broke my heart to see the Highland Park Hotel, once one of India’s most glamorous watering holes, in a state of total decay.'

7 Hotel Workers Test Positive For Polonium

The mystery surrounding the death of the controversial former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko deepened on Friday after it emerged that he might have been poisoned in the bar of a luxury hotel in Central London, and not in a sushi restaurant as it was . . .

Future Test Will End U.S. Civil Nuclear Deal

"India can and must play a positive role in convincing Iran that the path of cooperation is far preferable to obduracy" True test of India's commitments can be "judged only over time." New Delhi "must be a part" of international efforts against Iran.

Extraneous Provisions: India

Issue of spent nuclear fuel ahead of us in future negotiations: Burns Waiver enactment is of "historic" significance No foreign legislation can take away from us our sovereign right, says New Delhi.

India Has Little Reason To Cheer

Of the 10 concerns raised by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the final U.S. law on nuclear cooperation addresses little more than two-and-a-half. Does this mean India should walk away?

Tinsel Role Models

A society that idolises silver screen and idiot box icons is intellectually challenged, says S Gurumurthy.

Tigers On The Rampage

Since the beginning of this year, the LTTE has carried out or attempted to carry out 12 acts of suicide terrorism, including the latest failed attack on the Defence Secretary.

So Hu Did What In Pakistan?

Not as much as Pakistan expected. It was clearly a visit with mixed results -- some disappointingly negative for Pakistan and only some positive on the expected lines.

Their Latest Trick

So what accounts for the sudden reappearance of Maulana Fazlur Rehman Khalil, of the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, a close associate of Osama bin Laden and his concerted campaign? What are the ISI and Musharraf playing at?

The Curious Case Of Rashid Rauf

Just as in the case of Omar Sheikh and Dr.A.Q.Khan, the Pakistani authorities are once again avoiding handing him over a criminal to the British or American investigators.

Menon: Nuclear Deal A Stand-Alone Arrangement

We will keep our commitments, says Nicholas Burns.

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