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Friday, December 08, 2006


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From December 02, 2006 to December 08, 2006

United Jihad Council Attacks Musharraf Peace Offer

Dubs four-point charter a "unilateral concession" Says no compromise on Kashmiri self-determination Insists on Pakistan-based terror coalition.

Spirited Debate At The WTO

That the European liquor lobby is strong is clear from the EU complaint filed with the WTO that India's multi-layered tax system is a barrier to trade. It is hoped the Commerce Ministry will handle the dispute with the best possible expertise and . . .

With The General, With Hope

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s good fortune on the foreign policy front seems endless. But then Dr Singh has been willing to undertake diplomatic risks, much like the economic reforms he had initiated in the early 1990s.

Congress Plays Partisan Politics

The problem with the ruling Congress is that it has run out of ideas.

Baghliar Dam Work Will Go On, Says Official

Jammu and Kashmir Power Development Corporation chairman refutes reports Pakistan fears the dam could be used to choke off water supplies at times of crisis India objects to elements of draft design changes by the World Bank appointed expert.

Musharraf Offer Nearer To New Delhi's Bottom Line

Mirwaiz Umar Farooqto meet N.N. Vohra on December 12.

Don't Lose Sight Of Hurdles In Last Lap

Between Manmohan Singh's assurances in Parliament and the changes sought by Condoleezza Rice is a big gap that is unlikely to be addressed by the "reconciled" text of the proposed U.S. legislation on nuclear cooperation with India.

"Britishness'' Test For Immigrants

All foreigners wanting to settle in Britain will have to pass a compulsory "Britishness'' test from next April under plans to further restrict immigration.

Who Gained From Hu's Visit?

China may not exactly be cosying up to India, but interestingly its relations with Pakistan, too, aren't setting the Indus on fire.

Getting Wen’s Attention

Heading next week to the East Asia Summit in the Philippines, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will have time to renew his acquaintance with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.

Scotland's Red Carpet For Indian Students

Cynics say scheme amounts to a "pay-as-you-go" immigration policy.

India-China Border Dispute

It may be the best of times to sort out the border problem with China. It may also be the worst of times for doing so.

They Lend Him Their Year

Which is the one image to carry back from a visit to Bihar, a year after Lalu? It could be a snapshot capturing the general blunting of the Bihari’s daily distrust. Press the most weary cynic in town or village and hear him concede, “mahaul badla . . .

Bank Charges That Eat Your Dividend

Last week, S.K. Garg from Chandigarh wrote to say that State Bank of India (SBI) had charged him Rs 40 to credit a dividend cheque of Rs 160 from Kirloskar Oil Engines; effectively, 25 per cent of his dividend was gobbled up by the transaction charge.

Thali To Plough

Last week's Mittal-Wal-Mart deal is symbolic of an India which is changing quietly. Indians now consume less cereals and more milk, vegetables and fruit.

History Devalued

Over the years, India has witnessed passionate debates over the writing of its history.

Congress Plays Partisan Politics

The problem with the ruling Congress is that it has run out of ideas.

India Shining

While many Indians quietly worry about infrastructure bottlenecks, unchecked corruption and rising employee costs, foreigners remain extraordinarily gung-ho about the India story.

Incredible India And Its Primitive Politics

It happens only in ‘incredible’ India. In the week we discover that the economy is growing faster than it has in fifteen years, we pay the price for the primitive, divisive politics that has been the bane of India since independence.

Armed Forces Act To Be Amended

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to make announcement in Manipur today Shoot-to-kill provision to go Law to be scrapped "if subsequent conditions allow"

Hurriyat May Be Invited For Talks

APHC reaches out to New Delhi with `self-rule' proposal New Delhi's change of heart follows dramatic new offer by Hurriyat It seeks debate over self-governance at people's level.

Hype And Reality Iii

So long as China's policy of pragmatism is not made applicable to the Arunachal Pradesh issue and so long as it remains unrelenting in claims to it, there will be an element of uncertainty and unpredictability in the bilateral relations.

Whose Country Is It Anyway?

I WAS in Kerala when its chief minister V.S. Achudanandan clashed with his Tamil Nadu counterpart M. Karunanidhi over the Mullaperiyar dam.

Contact Suffers Radiation

An Italian academic, whom the former KGB spy Alexander Litvenenko met hours before he fell ill on November 1, has tested positive for Polonium-210, the radio-active substance suspected to have caused the poisoning which killed Mr. Litvenenko.

More Planes May Be Contaminated

Polonium came from a source "other than a natural one"

Back To 2001

India should continue to be active — much more than at present — in the humanitarian field and play a leadership role for mobilising humanitarian support for the Tamil civilians, without seeming to support the present LTTE leadership.

Hindi Chini Sigh Sigh

Of all the attributes of China, the one I hold in utmost esteem is the People's Republic's astonishing ability to transform otherwise intelligent foreigners into blithering imbeciles.

Pictures Of Power

Over the years, India has witnessed passionate debates over the writing of its history. Under the National Democratic Alliance government, Murli Manohar Joshi began the process of purging history textbooks of their alleged Marxist slant.

United Jihad Council Backs Down On Ceasefire Offer

Spokesperson for terror coalition shatters hopes of winter truce in J&K "Hizb chief did not make the offer" Geelani rejects Shah's call.

Time To Settle Disputes

It is time India and China settled the border issue by building upon the settlement . . . 

The Challenge Of Asian Security Architecture

If the `Asianists' in both New Delhi and Beijing prevail, a stable `win-win' environment can be established in the region. If not, the United States is likely to seize the strategic initiative in Asia.

Radioactive Substance In Ba Planes

The health scare sparked by the death of the former KGB spy, Alexander Litvenenko, from suspected radiation poisoning here last week spread dramatically on Thursday after traces of a radioactive material were found on two British Airways planes at . . .

Exclude And Rule: Trust Goes Missing In Lanka

In about a year, the duration of President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s regime after the November 2005 election victory, Sri Lanka has hardened its attitude towards the Tamils. 

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