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Friday, November 24, 2006


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From November 18, 2006 to November 24, 2006

Hu Jintao For Stepped Up Talks On Boundary

Early settlement of row represents "shared wish" . . .

Not Seeking Selfish Gains: Hu

We are "true friends and partners "

India, Belgium For Stronger Ties

Though Belgium and India don’t share common interests, they have common views.

Hu’S “Harmonious World”

Like all modern Chinese leaders, President Hu Jintao has a theory of his own. Internally, it is about building a “harmonious society” and externally, working for a “harmonious world”.

Satisfied With Momentum: Hu

Says the relationship is of "global significance"; to celebrate "friendship through tourism" year . . .

New Delhi, Beijing Talk Nuclear For The First Time

China may be open to backing India-United States deal on civil nuclear energy . . .

India, China To Cooperate On Nuclear Energy

" Early accord on border issue is a strategic objective"

Reid Debunks Blair's Claim

British Prime Minister Tony Blair's vehement denial that his foreign policy has contributed to spread of terrorism has been contradicted by one of his own senior Cabinet colleagues reflecting growing frustration at the top with his policy on Iraq . . .

Let's Await The Final U.S. Bill: Pranab

Pranab Mukherjeeis back as External Affairs Minister after a gap of some 10 years. Besides the civilian nuclear deal with the United States, he speaks of addressing problems in the near and extended neighbourhood. Excerpts from an interview he gave . . .

Hu Jintao Arrives To Firm Up Ties

India and China are expected to sign 10 agreements including one on investment protection Work on to issue a joint document Countries to "add substance" to their partnership.

Concern Over Violence In Afghanistan

Hindrance to growth: Manmohan Dealing with challenge "collective responsibility" India has a vision for Afghanistan.

Realty Boom

The benchmark BSE Sensex has soared past 13,500 and most stocks are on fire, but nowhere is the hype as intense as in the realty market.

Nam Change, Anyone?

On the eve of the NAM summit in Havana, that Vatican of anti-Americanism, go to Google and see how many cities in the entire world still have a boulevard, or a landmark named after Tito.

Divided Senate Unites To Let The Nuclear Deal Sail Through

In a sweeping endorsement of the Bush Administration’s proposal to resume civilian nuclear cooperation with New Delhi, the US Senate last night signaled a historic transformation of Indo-US relations and reaffirmed the American commitment to change . . .

Is This Affirmative Action Or Sharp Satire?

Satire is not a form of humour much understood in India, or we would have noticed that affirmative action in India that is Bharat has acquired a satirical edge.

Delhi’s Vanishing Ridge

Delhi was a place of distances when I settled here after migrating from Pakistan in mid-1947.

Invasion A Disaster: Blair

But the British Premier blames it on a host of issues . . .

U.K. Army Brass "Approved'' Abuse

A British army officer is reported to have told a court martial that instructions to abuse Iraqis in contravention of the Geneva Convention came from the top.

Exclude And Rule: Trust Goes Missing In Lanka

In about a year, the duration of President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s regime after the November 2005 election victory, Sri Lanka has hardened its attitude towards the Tamils. Even some liberal Sinhalese concede that this has happened.

Prachanda, Bhattarai Not To Join Government

'For a new Nepal to emerge, close links with India are vital' . . . .

The Price Of Potatoes

sometimes wonder why I pay Rs 10 per kilo for potatoes when the farmer receives only Rs 3. My potatoes travel some distance, I realise, from the farm to the mandi to my bania, and each person in the chain must get his cut.

Hu Lands Today, Delhi Hopes Beijing Will Be Even-Handed On J&k

As Chinese President Hu Jintao arrives here tomorrow on a four-day visit, India will look for an even-handed policy from Beijing on the Indo-Pak dispute over Jammu and Kashmir.

The Ketan Parekh Investigation Trundles Forward
Last week, Ketan Parekh is understood to have told the apex court that he can no longer make payments towards the money owed by him to Madhavpura Mercantile Cooperative Bank (MCCB).

A Fair Deal For Honest Taxpayers

The government must apply its mind to make service tax payments and refunds user friendly.

Let’s Learn Who’s Hu

If he wants to create the basis for an enduring partnership with China, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh might have to do a bit more than breaking diplomatic protocol in receiving Chinese President Hu Jintao at Palam airport in the Capital this evening.

Spy Poison Plot

In what seemed like a replay of scenes from Cold War politics buzzing with anti-Moscow conspiracy theories, a former Russian spy, who defected to Britain six years ago, sparked sensationalist headlines here on Sunday when he alleged a Kremlin-inspired . .

Work On Tapi Gas Pipeline To Be Accelerated

``ADB to set up a Centre for Regional Cooperation in Kabul" Regional countries to revise trade, transit agreements India not to pull out personnel from Afghanistan

Pranab: Nuclear Issue May Figure In Talks With Hu

"Enough space for both countries to grow" "No need to be competitive, we can be cooperative" Scope for expansion of trade, economic development.

Government Welcomes Senate Vote

Anything outside the joint statement unacceptable, says Sonia Pranab thanks Bush, Rice for their "tireless efforts" Some problems need to be looked at, solved: Mulford.

India And Iran To Revise Liquefied Natural Gas Deal

Two sides will "establish a formula" to finalise pricing Tehran to begin exports "very soon" Mottaki to discuss issue with Murli Deora.

Yes, But With Riders

As usual the professional pessimists who were forecasting that the Indo-US Nuclear Cooperation Bill would slip into the next Congress and the Democratic seizure of the control over the two Houses of Congress would make the passage of the bill . . .

A Battle For Change At Oxford University

In a controversial move, Oxford University has decided that academics will no longer have total control over decision-making but will share it with a group of outside experts drawn from the fields of business and management.

India And China: Reassessing Relations

China's President Hu Jintao's visit to India from Monday is one more step on a long road ahead for bilateral ties.

Bush Has Delivered, What About Hu?

In the coming days, comparisons between US’ bipartisan support to renew civilian nuclear cooperation with India and China’s opposition on the Indo-US nuclear deal will become inevitable. The Chinese president cannot afford to fudge his position.

Sonia & Natwar: Who Betrayed Whom?

By chance, I saw Sonia Gandhi’s interview on a TV channel the other day.

Divided Senate Unites To Let The Nuclear Deal Sail Through

In a sweeping endorsement of the Bush Administration’s proposal to resume civilian nuclear cooperation with New Delhi, the US Senate last night signaled a historic transformation of Indo-US relations and reaffirmed the American commitment to change . . .

Astonishing Myopia

In cold light of day, Pakistan has trampled over Indian concerns and proved we did not do our homework, says B Raman.

Too Clever By Half

Ever since the human resource development minister, Arjun Singh, decided that brazenness was the only road to relevance, quotas and reservations have come to dominate the social agenda of the Congress and, by implication, the United Progressive . . .

Bush Reiterates Support For Deal

Calls up Manmohan from Singapore Hopeful that Congress will move forward.

Racist Attack In U.K.

In what the police described as a "vicious and unprovoked racist attack,'' a Sikh teenager was punched and kicked by a gang of four white boys who then hacked off his hair with a knife they were carrying.

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