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Friday, November 17, 2006

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From November 11 , 2006 to November 17, 2006

Myanmar Faces Instability

While public and media attention in India remains focused on events in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and the forthcoming visit of President Hu Jintao of China, New Delhi seems to be paying scant attention to developments in Myanmar, with whom . . .

Anti-Terror Mechanism Set Up

Pakistan promises to "look into" evidence presented by India Additional Secretaries in the Foreign Ministries to head the three-member-a-side team Counter-terrorism measures include regular, timely sharing of information.

Still Shackled To `Family Honour'

A recent study highlights that oppressive patriarchal structures and controls still determine the status of women among South Asian immigrants to Britain.

Myanmar In Transition

While public and media attention in India remains focused on events in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and the forthcoming visit of President Hu Jintao of China, New Delhi seems to be paying scant attention to developments in Myanmar, with whom . . .

The Indian In Al Qaeda

The case against Barot maybe strong, but questions arise about ulterior political purposes in the war against Al Qaida that could ultimately play into the hands of the terrorists.

The Sounds Of Silence

Why is there no squeak out of the Al Qaeda or Dr Ayman al-Zawahiri on the air strike in Chenagai in the Bajaur Agency and the retaliatory suicide attack in Dargai?

Anti-Terror Mechanism Discussed

Composite dialogue reviewed . . .

Blair Advocates Role Fhasan Suroor Or Iran, Syria

British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Tuesday gave evidence, via video link, to America's Iraq Study Group which is reviewing President George W. Bush's disastrous strategy.

Two Rising Powers And An Awareness Gap

India and China should take steps to bridge the knowledge deficit that exists on both sides of the border to realise the true potential of their relationship.

No Cause For Gloom As Neighbours Talk

As the Foreign Secretaries of India and Pakistan begin another round of talks, some major changes in the regional strategic environment need to be factored into any analysis of bilateral relations.

Blair "Misled'' Labour On Honours Scandal

In a twist to Britain's long-running "cash for honours'' scandal, Prime Minister Tony Blair has been accused of "misleading'' the Labour Party about the reason behind taking secret loans, rather than straightforward donations, from a number of . . .

Please Be Intelligent

There is an unnecessary debate in this country about the need to vet foreign direct investment proposals from certain countries of concern by our intelligence agencies.

On The Continuing Relevance Of Research

November is always a busy month in India. All important visits, seminars, colloquiums, round table and even social functions like engagements and marriages are compressed in a short period. Given our economic buoyancy this year it is doubly so.

Policy Making Through Trial Balloons

At its board meeting last week, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) finally buried the moribund Central Listing Authority (CLA). For those who don’t remember, the regulator’s website says ,“CLA is a regulatory body established by Sebi . . .

All For `Civilised Neighbourhoods'

A look at China's efforts to transform itself before the 2008 Olympic Games.

Some Questions To The Supreme Court

A former chief justice of India told me in Bangalore that he never expected the Supreme Court to become pro-establishment.

Muslims Sieged From Within

Disagreements over the new Model Concession Agreement, authored by a Planning Commission functionary, have virtually pushed the country's National Highway Development Programme (NHDP) to a dead end.

Sexual Manhood And Eighty-Year-Old Prudes

Right, it’s official. According to India’s leading criminal lawyer, Ram Jethmalani, if a woman refuses a man sex he can kill her and we must all try and understand. Men find it hard to accept any kind of insult to their ‘sexual manhood’. Sexual manhood?

Hotline Planned During Hu's Visit

New Delhi and Beijing have agreed to set up a hotline between their Foreign Ministers to improve issue-linked "coordination" between the two nations during the November 20-23 visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao to India.

Bnp Leaders Acquitted

The British Government on Saturday promised to tighten up race hate laws after a court dismissed a high-profile case seeking to prosecute leader of the far Right British National Party (BNP) Nick Griffin and party member Mark Collett for spreading . . .

Roiling Week

benchmark Sensex soared to a new high to close at 13,282 last Friday, but the week was dominated by the turmoil in Reliance Industries shares which have a 11.6 per cent weightage in the 30-share index.

Once Again, With Realism

As India and Pakistan resume their peace talks on Tuesday, both nations are confronted with a paradox.

Engaging India To Contain It

Managed competition is likely to define the relationship between the two demographic titans, India and China, in the years ahead, even as they seek to expand bilateral cooperation.

Sri Lanka: What Peace Demands

Some countries learn from their mistakes, some don’t. Sri Lanka belongs to the latter category.

Misguided Priorities

Last week while walking my dog, Julie, on Marine Drive I came upon an example of the sort of misguided municipal governance that makes our cities count among the ugliest and most unsanitary in the world. Here is what happened.

Boucher Strikes A Positive Note

"We hope anti-terror mechanism will work" . . . .

When Robert M. Gates Came Calling

Robert M. Gates, the man named by President George W. Bush as his nominee for the next U.S. Secretary of Defence, is a consummate Beltway insider with an extensive record of service within the American intelligence establishment going back at least . . .

Life For Pakistani Men For Killing White Teenager

In a case that is said to highlight a rise in racially-motivated crimes against white people, three men of Pakistani origin have been jailed for life by a court in Scotland for killing a white teenager "only because he was white,'' the judge noted.

Senate May Take Up Bill On Nuclear Deal: Mulford

Number of amendments to Senate version of Bill reduced U.S. positive about Nepal accord . . .

Nuclear Deal: Delayed But Not Quite Dead

The Democrats' resounding victory in Congress makes the task of tying up the India-U.S. nuclear agreement's loose ends more difficult but the underlying strategic rationale for the deal from the American perspective remains strong.

Worries About India-China Economic Ties

Trade between India and China is set to cross the $20 billion mark by the end of this year. But recent moves to subject Chinese investments to special security clearances have come as a dampener.

Rail Rivalry In Kashmir

As India limps along in building the rail link between the Srinagar valley and the rest of the nation, China might be getting ready to offer its own rail line to the parts of Jammu and Kashmir under Pakistan’s control.

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