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Friday, November 10, 2006


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From November 04 , 2006 to November 10, 2006

Neo Bhai Bhaists

Why is that those against American participation in telecom are now taking up cudgels on behalf of their Chinese mentors? Even at the risk of a misunderstanding with the Chinese, we should pay attention to the belated concerns of security agencies.

Into The Tigers' Claws

One of the most important principles of counter-terrorism is that the state should maintain a moral high ground even while dealing with terrorists. Some of the methods being used by the Rajapakse government run the risk of playing into the LTTE's hands.

Blair-Bush Divide Over Saddam Verdict?

Perhaps IT has not been widely noticed that the reactions of British Prime Minister Tony Blair and United States President George W. Bush's to the death sentence against Saddam Hussein has been in striking contrast to their "shoulder- to-shoulder" . . .

Hu's Visit A Chance To "Enhance Political Trust"

Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to India from November 20-23 will be an opportunity to "enhance political trust" and to "show the world that the common development of both countries is not only important bilaterally but also significant for . . .

Life-Term For India-Born Al-Qaeda Man

An India-born alleged Al-Qaeda militant on Tuesday was sentenced to life for plotting to launch terrorist attacks in Britain and America and kill hundreds of people.

Democrats Are Smiling But New Delhi Isn’T Too Anxious

Contrary to conventional wisdom that the widely anticipated gains of the Democratic Party in today’s US Congressional elections would kill the Indo-US nuclear deal, informed betting here is that the odds are better than even in favour of the Senate . . .

Monetary Policy: The Rbi's `Interest'ing Act

While striking an external-internal balance, the RBI has attempted a trapeze act to maintain status quo.

To The Victor Belongs The Judge's Gavel

The show trial of Saddam Hussein was not just a violation of international legal norms by a court operating under the reality of foreign occupation but also an insult to the victims in whose name this political farce was enacted.

It Is For Iraqis To Decide: Blair

In his first comment on the death sentence handed down to the former Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein, British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Monday made clear that Britain was opposed to death penalty whether the person involved was "Saddam or anyone else.'

Verdict May Be Beneficial In The Long Run: Hungary

Iraq situation "very difficult" with high levels of tension.

Balance Of Power Game

This is the age of balance of power. No major power identifies any of the others as an adversary.

Imperial China, Neo-Colonial India

The hat of neo-colonialism will never fall on China.” That is a standard refrain from Chinese officials these days. Why in the world is China, that self-proclaimed champion of the Third World, having to defend itself against the accusations of . . .

No Going Back To Those Days

When I am asked why I became a political journalist, which I get asked often, I answer that it was those years of censorship that settled the question for me.

Coming To Terms With India's Missing Muslims

The reality of exclusion and discrimination can no longer be denied. But the remedy requires political courage on the part of the Manmohan Singh Government and wisdom on the part of those claiming to speak for Muslims.

How To Allay India’s Fears

I have known the views of the youthful Kashmiri leaders Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Yasin Malik and Shabir Shah for years.

The Rajya Sabha

A determined Supreme Court of India has thrown out the petition filed to seek the review of its two-part judgment. One, a Rajya Sabha member need not be normally a resident of the state which returns him or her through its Assembly. Two, secret . . .

Time’s Sepoys

Writing to a free-floating man of letters in the summer of 1950, Hugh Trevor-Roper, then a young Oxford don, made a revealing confession: “I have been in Oxford incessantly, slowly — with infinite slowness — writing a book of infinite pedantic . . .

Indian Ipr Law Firm Courts China

Remfry and Sagar has become the first Indian law firm to set up offices in China and, according to Dr V. Sagar the firm's Director, is indeed the first Indian law firm to open a full-fledged foreign office anywhere in the world.

Academics As Spies To Combat Terror?

The British Government has been accused of trying to co-opt university teachers into "collaborating" with security outfits in combating terror.

The Domino Effect

There are few things as demeaning as nation-states being engulfed in hyphenated relationships. For more than five decades, until information technology injected a new dimension, India was trapped into a hyphenated relationship with Pakistan.  

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