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Friday, November 03, 2006


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From October 28 , 2006 to November 03, 2006

A Challenge Before Europe

The 27 member European Union, stretching from the shores of the Atlantic to the Baltic republics, encompasses a region where economic integration and a growing consensus on foreign and security challenges are replacing old animosities and prejudices.

China Throws Open Its Doors To Africa

China is hosting the leaders of more than 40 African nations in Beijing from November 3 to 5. This underscores its attempts to increase economic and diplomatic clout with a continent often ignored by the rest of the world.

Blair Survives Vote On Iraq Probe

British Prime Minister Tony Blair survived a close vote on Iraq in the Commons on Tuesday night, but suffered the humiliation of seeing as many as 24 of his own MPs not voting for the Government despite a party whip.

China Tightens Law On Death Sentence

In what is being called the most important reform of capital punishment in China in over two decades, the legislature has passed an amendment to the law requiring all death sentences to be approved by the Supreme People's Court.

Fata On Fire

Pakistan smoulders as80 people are killed in a missile attack on a madrasa in Bajaur agency by, what is being seen as, a joint operation of the Pakistan Army and the US forces based in Afghanistan.

The Fata Fallout

Unease mounts in Pakistan army over the Bajaur strikes that killed 80 madrasa students in face of eye-witness accounts that 15 were children below 10 years of age and that the majority of the rest were between 10 and 20 years of age.

Will Hu Or Will Hu Not?

Will Chinese President Hu Jintao visit Gwadar in Balochistan to formally inaugurate the Chinese-aided Gwadar port and the Northern Areas (Gilgit and Baltistan) to inaugurate a project for the upgradation of the Karakoram Highway?

Europe Unites To Fight Jihad

The twenty-seven member European Union, stretching from the Atlantic to the Baltic Republics, encompasses a region where economic integration and a growing consensus on foreign and security challenges are replacing old animosities and prejudices.

U.K. Mulls Ban On Flag-Burning

Hooded protesters burning the Union Jack or the flag of any other country may become a rare sight in Britain if the Government accepts a Scotland Yard proposal to ban flag-burning on grounds that it amounts to inciting violence.

Saran: If Deal Fails, We Have Our Own Programme

Also, it would imply loosening of international nuclear market for India . . . . .

Interest In Hindi Growing In China

Five years ago, Jiang Jingkui of the Centre for India Studies at Peking University had trouble filling up his classes. Today, he finds courses oversubscribed.

British Sikhs And Multiculturalism

Are there any lessons that Muslims can learn from the Sikh experience? The `war on terror' may have complicated matters.

Al Badr In Mysore

Karnataka Police claims the arrest of two Pakistani terrorists belonging to Al Badróthe oldest of the existing jihadi terrorist organisations of Pakistan, considered as close to Pakistan's ISI as the LET.

Blair May Be Quizzed In Row

British Prime Minister Tony Blair is likely to be questioned by police over allegations that he was the "key'' figure behind Labour Party's controversial decision to raise funds by promising peerages to potential donors.

Al Badr Resurfaces

The arrest of two terrorists in Mysore proves that the ISI is using Al Badr, one of the oldest jihadi outfits, to spread mayhem in south India, says B Raman . . . .

Needed: A South Asian Economic Union

Bangladesh is rowdy, boisterous and drenched in fundamentalism. But it is a democracy all right. Liberals are divided but they speak out against fanaticism in one voice.

A Case For Guidelines

Intelligence- The thrust should be on gathering information to tackle threats. . . .  

Rising Speculation Grips Commodities Market

The National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX) shut down twice on Saturday, causing several commodity prices to plummet to their lower circuit breaker.

Now Coming To India: A Muslim Woman Comic

A controversial stand-up Muslim woman comedian, criticised by her community for her jokes about hijab and Muslim fundamentalism, is to make her first-ever visit to India next month at the invitation of the British Council.

A Strategic Impasse?

India will soon have to fight its own war against a force oozing with confidence.

Carter Wants U.S. Troops Out Of Iraq In One Year

The former U.S. President, Jimmy Carter, who has consistently opposed the invasion of Iraq, said on Friday that American troops should be pulled out of the West Asian nation in one year.

From An Unknown Name To An Emerging Nightmare

Al-Badr has for long harboured ambitions of taking its terror campaign to major cities across India Al-Badr traces its origins to a quasi-fascist militia set up by Pakistan's armed forces in 1970 Fought against the Soviet Union's forces in . . .

Mysore Terror Threads Were Spun In Kashmir

Commander of Al-Badr cell was shot dead in Srinagar on October 20 Over Rs. 3,00,000 given to finance a Srinagar-based terror cell Several Al-Badr operatives despatched to execute terror strikes outside J&K . . . . .  

Questions, No Answers

It happens that when the Soviet Unionís war in Afghanistan was winding down I was among those journalists who travelled to Peshawer from time to time to see what the Mujahideen were up to.

Delhi Talks May Focus On Anti-Terror Mechanism

Priority to be given to Havana agenda. . . . .

The PilgrimíS Progress

One of the most ancient and significant pilgrim centres in the country, Varanasi on the banks of the Ganges, is famous for its temples and ghats.

Whatís Nectar For Secular Us Is Toxin For Secular India!

Just a century ago, Max Weber, declared that the Hindus and Buddhists remain backward because they believed in their ancient, faulty faiths!

'A Multitude Of Dangers'

I am extremely delighted to be with you today at this Passing Out Parade of the 58th Batch of IPS Probationers.

Nuke Walmart Blues

Nervousness mounts in Pakistan that fresh enquiries by the US might bring out hitherto unknown (to the international community) information relating to co-operation between Pakistan and North Korea in the nuclear and missile fields.

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