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Friday, October 13, 2006


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From October 14 , 2006 to October 27, 2006

Yunnan Model

The Yunnan region has evolved its own development strategy, which appears to be ideal for northeastern India too.

When A Little Money Goes A Long Way

Grameen Bank founder and Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohammad Yunus believes microcredit could be the solution for the problems of China's farmers.

We Are For Peace: Pranab

"Will share evidence on Mumbai blasts with Pakistan" Foreign policy is extension of national interest "Terror issue had been taken up with Bangladesh”

Nc Pulls Out Of Working Groups

Renewed contact with secessionists behind decision?

Mechanism Of Confusion

To expect that Pakistan will cooperate with India in its war against terrorism is impractical, given Islamabad's dismal track record.

Jammu And Kashmir Autonomy Working Group Proves Stillborn

Manmohan's Srinagar promise paralysed by problems.

The Enemy Within

The detection of ISI moles in the army is nothing new, but then since 2004, it is the third major detection of penetration—of the R&AW by the CIA in 2004, of the NSCS by the CIA earlier this year and of the Army by the ISI now.

China - Angry Friend

The nuclear test has shaken North Korea's ties with long-time ally China.

N. Korea Not Planning Another Test: China

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il told a visiting Chinese delegation to Pyongyang last week that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) did not plan to carry out a second nuclear test.

Ctbt A Decade Ago To Nepal This Year, He Blends Politics, Strategy

Six months ago, when the Nepal crisis took an unpredictable turn with the Seven Party Alliance rejecting King Gyanendra’s offer to nominate a Prime Minister, India was staring at a possible diplomatic embarrassment having welcomed the King’s offer . . .

Returns Of Office

With his vast experience Pranab Mukherjee is well placed to craft diplomacy for the world’s fourth largest economy . . .  

Veteran Returns To Assignment More Demanding Now

India will have a stand-alone External Affairs Minister after nearly 11 months Also worked as Finance, Commerce Ministers Has headed many Groups of Ministers.

Salmon High On The Agenda

Norwegian royalty to head business delegation.

The Message Behind The Burqa Row

For British Muslims, clearly, an ill wind is heading their way.

Clinching Evidence?

The NSA apparently meant that the evidence collected so far is direct, indirect and circumstantial, but they are yet to collect material and documentary evidence. Collection of material and documentary evidence takes time. It took five months in 1993.

Pranab Reasons Why He Should Deny Fm Post

Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee, who would have been external affairs minister by now by all reckoning, is believed to have introduced yet another dimension to a prolonged internal debate in the ruling Congress, about his candidacy for the job.

Britain For Troop Withdrawal From Iraq?

Britain was on Monday reported to be exploring a timetable for a gradual withdrawal of its troops from Iraq as Prime Minister Tony Blair reviewed the security situation with visiting Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih.

Beyond Asian Century

The rapid economic growth of China and India is not merely about the prospects of an Asian century but also the transformation of other regions in the world.

Options Before Us

Leave Iraq in time-bound phases, letting the Iraqi government and the various contending parties sort it out or fight it out among themselves without waiting till there is at least a semblance of normalcy or stay on till normalcy is restored?

Three Wings, One Force

I know for certain that our Air Force was not satisfied with the Army’s response to the intrusion by Pakistan at Kargil. Vinod Putney, head of the Western Air Command and deputy to Air Chief A.Y. Tipnis, would talk to me twice or thrice those days.

Integrity Campaign Must Specify, Not Sermonise

The ‘Integrity India Campaign’ launched by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and headed by N.R. Narayana Murthy raises some interesting questions and possibilities.

The Search For The Puppet-Masters

Indian investigators know the marionettes who enact the Lashkar-e-Taiba's jihad — but the men who hold the strings are out of reach.

Re-Emergence Of Taliban

Ever since American forces entered Afghanistan and removed the Taliban from power, Indian foreign policy has been based on the premise that the US and its NATO allies would restore peace, stability and moderation in Afghanistan.

The End Of A Long Friendship?

North Korea's recent moves have pushed China into a corner.

How India Can Lose China

India has never missed an opportunity to squander the big moments in its complex relationship with China.

Revival Of The Taliban

Ever since American forces entered Afghanistan and removed the Taliban from power, Indian foreign policy has been based on the premise that the Americans and their NATO allies would restore peace, stability and moderation in Afghanistan.

No Serendipity In Sri Lanka

The announcement of resumption of dialogue between Government and Tamil Tigers has failed to bring any respite to the island nation. . . .

Get Involved Now

India has done well to indicate that it does not wish ill of the government of Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese people. There is a need for a similar appropriate gesture—of a humanitarian kind—to the Tamils. The time has come to actually participate . . .

Facts, Fiction Or The Fog Of Drugs?

Much of the Mumbai Police's account of the train bombings comes from narcoanalysis of suspects. How truthful is the truth that truth drugs have yielded?

Blair Slams Veil

British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Tuesday waded into the "burqa'' controversy by endorsing the view that the veil worn by Muslim women was a "mark of separateness'' and an obstacle to integration.

Another Rogue State

North Korea has deliberately chosen to become the ninth nuclear weapon state and isolate itself further. In choosing to conduct the nuclear test, it chose to reject advice given by its only friend, China.

An Eye-Wash

By voting the resolution and through media spin on the significance of it, the members of the UNSC have sought to cover up the humiliation of their failure to prevent North Korea from flouting international opinion with impunity. . . .

`Gandhi Not Getting The Nobel Was The Biggest Omission'

It's not often that you get candid admissions. Or that big institutions have got it wrong. A group of Indian journalists heard both at the headquarters of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, which awards the annual Nobel Peace Prize.

Tigers Strike Back

The Sri Lankan Armed Forces have paid a heavy price for their over-confidence -- heaviest casualties since the cease-fire agreement.

Agents Cannot Be Wished Away?

Against the backdrop of the recent FIR filed against the former Defence Minister, George Fernandes, and others in the Barak missile import deal, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said there was need for regulating the role of middlemen in defense . . .

Miles To Go Before We Sleep: Manmohan Singh

Full-fledged Foreign Minister soon May appeal against High Court ruling on Bannerjee panel "New Foreign Minister shortly"

Manmohan: ``Big Powers" Block U.N. Reform

Reform process has a long way to go Verifiable cross-border links Strong support for India's plea . . .

There Goes World Peace

A rogue Communist regime finally goes officially nuclear with a little help from Pakistan and China . . .

India Offers Itself As Partner Of Eu In Asia

Manmohan speaks of region stretching from Gibraltar to Straits of Malacca.

India, Eu To Push For Big Trade, Investment Deal

Reiterate commitment to multilateral trade.

There Goes World Peace

A rogue Communist regime finally goes officially nuclear with a little help from Pakistan and China . . .

U.K. Troops Must Leave Iraq: General

Forces' presence stoking extremism, he says. . . .  

Fear Stalks North Kashmir Mountains

Dentist's murder points to continued Lashkar presence — and power.

Towards An Inclusive Globalisation

Globalisation has not removed personal and regional income disparities. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening. We need a new global vision that ensures the gains from globalisation are more widely shared.

Six Lakh Iraqis Killed Since U.S. Invasion, Says Report

More than 600,000 Iraqis are estimated to have died since the United States-British invasion of their country three years ago, suggesting that the humanitarian crisis facing Iraq is significantly more serious than either Britain or U.S. are willing . . .

India-Eu Bacchanalian Cup Runneth Over

Whisky may be too small an item to spoil India-EU trade and economic relations. But there could be twists and turns.

In The Shadows

What is the Lashkar's agenda in India? Who are its leaders and what is their relationship with the Directorate of the ISI?

Helsinki Prefers Silence On Nuclear Deal

Finland matters since it heads European Union; it is a key state in the Nuclear Suppliers Group . . .  .

Gaps To Fill

In the "unassailable" Mumbai blast case, serious questions remain about the evidence.

Fortresses Of Faith

The discovery of a madrassa-based Lashkar cell in Gujarat raises difficult questions about such seminaries.

"India Could Help By Ending Production Of Fissile Material"

After the North Korean nuclear test, India could do more to counter nuclear proliferation by announcing a moratorium on the production of fissile material, saysGijs de Vries, the European Union's Counter-Terrorism Coordinator.

Lashkar Issues Fresh Threats

Islamist polemic proliferates in Pakistan despite detention of terror group's chief. . . .  

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