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Friday, October 13, 2006


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From October 07 , 2006 to October 13, 2006

"A scholar and public servant of great distinction"

Among the great democracies — and you, the People of India, are not the least among them! — it is very rare indeed for the position of Prime Minister to be entrusted to one who is not a professional politician.

Kiran Desai Wins Booker Prize

The Inheritance of Losswasthe unanimous choice of judges.

Blair's Long Goodbye

At the annual Labour Party conference Prime Minister Tony Blair signals that he will step down in a year's time.

Manmohan Calls For "Inclusive Globalisation"

University of Cambridge awards him honorary degree of Doctor of Law.

China:waking Up To Aids

The poor but scenic Yunnan province is in the forefront of China's battle against AIDS.

Sonia Not Happy With Patil

Home Minister Shivraj Patil appears to be in serious trouble. Though Prime Minister Manmohan Singh defended his performance at the recent meeting of Congress Chief Ministers at Nainital, Congress president Sonia Gandhi is far from happy with him.

Atomic Adolescent

India was quick in its condemnation of North Korea’s nuclear test on Monday. It was on the target when pointing to the Pakistan link in the North Korean proliferation.

For India, North Korea's Test Poses Key Challenge

Reconfiguring the nuclear order is no longer a simple matter.

Lord Swraj Paul First Chancellor Of Westminster Varsity

Support's drive to attract international students.

A "Hymn" To India And Indians

Manmohan invites expatriates to join great adventure of creativity.

World Big Enough To Accommodate India And China: Manmohan

Urges India-U.K. investment summit to take business partnership to new level India can absorb $320 billion investment in infrastructure Volume of trade with China growing handsomely.

N.Korea Can Now Blackmail Us

The North Korean nuclear test was unique in its being announced before hand. In the case of China and Pakistan preparations for the tests were known to the world before hand.

India Condemns North Korean Test

"Don't compare us with Pyongyang" Test violates international commitments It jeopardises peace, stability, security in the region.

A Dictated Peace

The lack of unity among the Sri Lankan Tamil political leaders and the readiness of some of them to let themselves be used by the government are threatening to place the Sri Lankan Tamils in a position of weakness the like of which they had not faced . .

A Double Whammy

With its first nuclear test on Monday, North Korea has dealt a double blow to China. For years, it had been widely assumed that if any one had leverage with “dear leader” Kim Jong-il, it was Beijing.

North Korean Case Different From India's, Says Tony Blair

India does not support emergence of another nuclear state: Manmohan Blair: India strong on counter-proliferation India, Britain package on counter-terrorism.

India's Mystifying Rise

There were many smiling Indian faces last week. Our economy again beat forecasts and grew 8.9% in the April-June quarter. India's economic rise bewilders Indians. No one quite understands why this noisy and chaotic democracy of a billion people has . . .

Insecure General

There were no casualties in the Rawalpindi blasts last week but they clearly indicate there is a conspiracy to kill Musharraf, says B Raman.

Four Things Sebi Needs To Do To Save Small Investors

At the inauguration of the new Sebi Bhavan last Friday, Finance Minister P. Chidambaram said that the periodic scams and sharp volatility in the capital market scares a lot of ordinary people and makes them distrustful about investment.

A Turning Point In Ties, Says Hu Jintao
Holds frank talks on many issues with Japanese Premier Abe.

Young Women March To Reclaim Streets Of Fear

Late at night, a posse of young women walk down a dark city street wearing spaghetti-strap tops and body-hugging outfits, defying the stares of onlookers in a country where a woman is raped every 29 minutes.

The Dinesh Dalmia Trail Gets Hotter

Recent developments, in India and in the US, make a proper probe and clean-up imperative.

State 'Responsible' For Vidarbha Mess

No amount of ham-fisted spin-doctoring and the desperate resurrection of a 35-year-old slogan can take away from what is fast becoming an open secret:

Repeal Armed Forces Act: Official Panel

Justice Jeevan Reddy Committee says the Act is a "symbol of oppression, instrument of high-handedness" Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil declines to make report public Panel rejects armed forces' plea for Act continuation.

Official Panel Wants Stringent Safeguards On Army Use

'Scrapping AFSPA will help erase feeling of alienation, discrimination in North-East' ULP Act has provisions to fight militancy No need to expand existing powers.

Sycophancy, Now With A New, Desperate Edge

Last week I spent a whole day attending a Congress Party rally in Jaipur and it left me feeling unusually depressed about the future of our sad and ancient land.

Foreign Policy: Menon For Consensus

In move that has no precedence, Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon has initiated a process of consultations with leaders of prominent political parties with a view to forge consensus on key foreign policy issues.

Competing For Space

When the Prime Minister of India makes whirlwind visit to Mumbai, every event that he attends jostles for importance and media space.

Pakistan Quake Survivors Face 2nd Winter In Shelters

Zafar Iqbal had hoped to have finished rebuilding his house before snow covers the mountains of Kashmir.

That Sinking Feeling

No amount of ham-fisted spin-doctoring and the desperate resurrection of a 35-year-old slogan can take away from what is fast becoming an open secret: The floundering Government of Manmohan Singh.

Jessica Lives On

The reason why Jessica Lal’s case is so important is because in it we see the most blatant evidence of subversion of our criminal justice system.

Musharraf’S Plan To Destabilise Afghanistan

AN angry General Musharraf told the BBC recently, when confronted with the allegation that his government was not fully cooperating on the “War against terror”, that the West would be brought to its knees without his country’s support.

Eu For Building Multipolar World

Strategic partnership with India needs more substance: Josep Borrell.

Deal May Be Delayed: Mulford

Says "we are hopeful".

Developing Northeast The Yunnan Way

As Beijing has done with Yunnan, New Delhi should develop trade infrastructure in the Northeast and give it a stake in India's economic growth.

Why Make Him A Hero?

The question to be considered is not whether the death sentence is moral or legal. It is. The question is whether it would be wise to have it carried out at the present moment.

Security Scares For Musharraf

Pakistani Police officials admit that the blast in Rawalpindi on October 4 and the discovery of the rockets in Islamabad the next day are connected. Is there complicity by military/police elements?

Pakistani Villagers Taught Animal Care In Wake Of Quake

Sitting on the floor of an earthquake-damaged house, 25 women from Jigal village in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province listen to a veterinarian doctor tell them about animal husbandry.

Create Rehab Plan For Sez Oustees

IN the name of development, the central government appears to be bent on reducing the area of agricultural land and hence curtailing the quantum of food production.

India At Frankfurt — And How

India is the guest of honour at the prestigious book fair but Indian publishing has a long way to go to join the big league.

Cross-Border Terrorism Exploiting Emotions

No man can take another man’s life. But the arguments of leaders to save Afzal are a sort of blackmail.

Sensible Approach

For many years, a truly agreeable meal in London meant only one thing for me: lunch at the Grill Room in The Connaught. A combination of what a friend used to call an “honest meal”, a not too outrageously-priced wine list and a charming ambience .

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