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Friday, September 29, 2006

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From September 23 , 2006 to September 29, 2006

Co-Founder Tells His Side Of Apple Story

There was excited chatter as the revolutionaries met in a nondescript garage in Menlo Park, California, but in the beginning few of them really knew how they would change the world.

Fact And Fiction

So far, Nazi leader Josef Goebbels was considered the ultimate propagandist, who could project black as white and vice versa.

Heights Of Deception

It has taken seven years after the event for General Pervez Musharraf to come out with his version of the Kargil war. What an imaginative version! He tells us now that it was a great victory.

Bomb Hunter

One of India's top crime scientists speaks out on the need for new investments in counter-terrorism technologies.

Malegaon: Fractured Truths

Weeks after the Malegaon terror strikes, the police struggle to determine the identity of the perpetrators.

Mumbai Blasts: Flawed Justice

A Mumbai court convicts some of the accused in the March 1993 serial bombings, but the key perpetrators are still safe in Pakistan.

Mush Metamorphosis

There seem to be two clear shifts - the first relates to the on-going US-led war against international terrorism and Pakistan's role in it and the second to Pakistan's stand on jihadi terrorism in Indian territory.

Dead Or Alive?

Osama bin Laden will have to be presumed alive until proved to be dead. That proof is yet to come. If the report about his death is incorrect, one can shortly expect another audio message from him to prove to his followers that he is alive.

Preposterous & Absurd

By equating India and Pakistan as "victims of terrorism" in Havana, India has seriously undermined what has been its consistent stand that Pakistan should end terrorist violence unconditionally.

Story Of A Bestseller: Fact Or Fiction?

The story of Kathy O'Beirne has a lot to do with a market driven by an almost obsessive interest in personal accounts of abuse, pain, and hurt.

Cia Paid Pakistan For Al-Qaeda Men

The CIA secretly paid "millions of dollars'' to the Pakistan Government as a reward to Islamabad for handing over hundreds of Al-Qaeda suspects to America, The Times reported on Monday claiming that the "revelation'' came from the Pakistan President . . .

Chinese Troops In Lebanon

While India makes a heavy weather of its participation in the UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon, China has stepped in by expanding its military presence there five fold. Paralysed by the fear of domestic criticism, India chose not to increase its . . .

Heart Of Terror

The Afghan President Hamid Karzai, in his address to the UN General Assembly on September 20, made it abundantly clear that US and NATO troops in Afghanistan would not be able to end attacks by Taliban militants unless steps were also taken to . . .

Rape Law Reform Lays Bare Pakistan's Political Morass

The 24-year-old Pakistani woman has medical reports saying she's been raped. What she hasn't got is four male witnesses that the country's Islamic law says she needs to prove it.

Musharraf And The Truth About Kargil

General Musharraf's account of the Kargil war is a feisty defence of Pakistan's military — but sits ill with well-established facts.

Customer Service Is A Nagging Problem

Even respected multinationals seem unable or unwilling to consistently aim at service that is prompt and efficient, very much like their traditional Indian counterparts.

Call For Blair's Resignation

A mood of doom and gloom greeted the Labour Party delegates as they assembled in Manchester on Sunday at the start of their five-day annual conference billed as a "make-or-break'' event for the party which, for the first time since it came into . . .

Baluchistan Uprising

The extent to which the so-called ‘‘second War of Independence’’ in Baluchistan has been galvanised in the aftermath of the octogenarian Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti’s ‘‘martyrdom’’ on August 26 can be gleaned from three developments.

The Havana Betrayal

If Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was in the race for canonisation, his spectacular act of forgiveness in Havana would have ensured instant deification by any council of the exalted.

Anti-Blair Protest In Manchester On Eve Of Labour Party Meet

Blair's policies leading the country to disaster: Galloway

Mush Metamorphosis

There seem to be two clear shifts - the first relates to the on-going US-led war against international terrorism and Pakistan's role in it and the second to Pakistan's stand on jihadi terrorism in Indian territory.

Bush Presses Gen On Taliban, Fixes 3-Way Talks With Karzai

Public praise and private pressure. The tough love that has marked US President George W. Bush’s engagement with Pakistan’s General Pervez Musharraf since 9/11 appears unchanged after five years.

Luckily For Us, The Devil Has Refused Our Surrender

‘‘India has suffered its first strategic setback in the fight against terrorism,’’ writes Ajit Doval, the former chief of Intelligence Bureau. India has suffered this strategic setback not because of Pakistan; nor because of Al-Qaeda or Lashkar-e-Toiba.

Manmohan Refuses To Meet Tna Team

The front has been kept at arm's length by the political leadership The LTTE would have used a meeting with Dr. Singh to show that its ties with India were on the mend.

Pastoral Disquiet

What Pope Benedict XVI dubbed “startling brusqueness” has never been the sole preserve of lesser-known 14th-century Byzantine emperors.

Is India Compromising Dangerously On Terror?

There are some in India who appear eager to let the Pakistani President, Gen Pervez Musharraf, off the hook, by agreeing that he has no control over the terror infrastructure in Pakistan and PoK.

Power At Any Cost

With politicians growing power-hungry, principles have taken a back seat. No one is an exception.  

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