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Friday, September 22, 2006


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From September 16 , 2006 to September 22, 2006

Dangerous Compromises

Speaking to a cheering audience primarily of his supporters from Pakistan and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir on September 12 in Brussels, an impassioned General Musharraf thundered: “Kashmir runs in the blood of every Pakistani”. . . .

Thaksin Arrives In London

Instead of returning to his country, the ousted Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra arrived here from New York on Wednesday evening to join his relatives living in the United Kingdom.

Rajiv Killing Not Acceptable: Tna

LTTE must make amends: R. Sampanthan.

Compromises In Havana

Speaking to a cheering audience primarily of his supporters from Pakistan and Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir on September 12 in Brussels, an impassioned General Pervez Musharraf thundered: "Kashmir runs in the blood of every Pakistani."

The Pope On The Prophet

Why is Sonia Gandhi silent on the Pope's remarks against Islam and Mohammed, asks S Gurumurthy.

The Pm's Stockholm Syndrome

Helpless in the face of Musharraf-sponsored terrorism, he has started empathising with him. The General is not such a bad man, we are told. Poor guy, he has his own problems, we are told. Let us co-operate with him instead of fighting against him,

The Havana Handshake
The initiative for an Indo-Pakistan anti-terrorism co-operation mechanism is ill-advised, ill-timed and ill-examined. Terrorists and their masters will misinterpret it as battle fatigue in New Delhi, particularly in the PMO and MEA.

Let Reason Triumph

It was totally unwise of the Pope to have raked up this controversy. Muslims are genuinely hurt, and Al Qaeda, the IIF and other terrorists are now out to fan the fires. Time for sane heads to prevail.

Indians Struggle To Digest Claims Of Poisoned Foods

Under the scorching afternoon sun, Babu Khan crouches over his crops gently pulling out stray weeds from his small plot on the fringes of Simbhaoli, a town in Uttar Pradesh.

U.K. Terror Suspect Alleges Isi Threat

A British Pakistani facing trial for allegedly plotting to blow up Houses of Parliament and other high-profile targets in Britain has caused a sensation by refusing to give further evidence claiming, that he fears for the safety of his family in . . .

Havana Will Come To Haunt Us

Pakistan is a theocratic state that regards India as a Hindu nation. This puts a question mark on its promise to cooperate with us in fighting jihadi terror.

In Nepal, Time To Check The Dangerous Drift

The road map for the formation of an interim government with Maoist participation is more or less in place. But powerful forces are intervening to derail the process.

Rising Hopes From The Rising Sun

Japan’s new prime minister Shinzo Abe faces different expectations from different sections. The good news for us is that he’s an Indophile .

The Pope And The Debate On Islam

The question that arises is whether this is the way to conduct an argument. Both sides need to raise their game if they are truly interested in a serious dialogue, and not in scoring points.

Racing To The Bottom Of The Pyramid

It is a veritable race to the bottom of the pyramid. Just a decade ago, banks on an aggressive growth path used to eliminate small & medium enterprises (SMEs) from their portfolio. Then, economic and corporate reform, falling interest rates and a . . .

Hunting Dawood

At least the previous government was talking about the role of Pakistan in strong language, though it did precious little by way of action. The present government neither talks nor acts.

Grisly Find Draws Attention To India Foetus Killings

Manual labourer Gulzar Singh is haunted by the day he exhumed baby foetuses from a pit outside an abortion clinic in one of the grisliest chapters in India's fight against female feticide.

Shocks To Come

Nawab Akbar Bugti's killing could have consequences for the whole region.

Hunting For Dawood

The lure of Muslim votes will gradually force India's politicians to act against jihadis and Pakistan, says B Raman.

Whose Money Is It Anyway?

The message from hundreds of emails that hit my mailbox every month suggest that bank customers have two major grievances against modern day banking — there are too many confusing and unreasonable charges and that their systems and procedures are . . .

1993 Blasts And Lessons In Delay

If we learn one thing from the Mumbai bomb blasts case it should be that the wheels of justice must never be allowed to move so slowly again.

Nam Change, Anyone?

On the eve of the NAM summit in Havana, that Vatican of anti-Americanism, go to Google and see how many cities in the entire world still have a boulevard, or a landmark named after Tito.

Improvement Needed

The new, improved Malegam Committee on disclosures and accounting standards constituted by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) merges two earlier ones headed by the well-known and respected accountant.

Chill Thaws In Humid Havana

The India-Pakistan peace process, in virtual deep freeze after the 7/11 Mumbai blasts, thawed in the humid Havana afternoon today after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf, on the sidelines of the NAM . . . .

Hunting Dawood

In their happiness over the conviction of some of the accused involved in the Mumbai explosions of March 1993, the Indian Police and other security agencies should not forget that the mastermind of this act of mass casualty terrorism continues . . . .

Recism In The Air

Asian travellers are being searched for 'terror signs' in Britain's covert racial profiling.

Provide Quota, Dalit Leader Urges British Investors

Meets officials to discuss rights violations.

Chinese & Islamic

Orthodoxy among Chinese Muslims is on the rise but Chinese Islam retains characteristics that set it apart.

Restore The Confidence

There is evidence, or perhaps an illusion, of sudden and great activity on the internal security front, with an apparent shift in emphasis to long-neglected issues of 'hinterland security', the restoration of the integrity of the police station, . . .

Third-Rate Realities

we cannot have governance, national security or dream of being an economic superpower as long as we have public buildings that look like garbage dumps.

Nam Change, Anyone?
On the eve of the
NAM summit in Havana, that Vatican of anti-Americanism, go to Google and see how many cities in the entire world still have a boulevard, or a landmark named after Tito.

Curbs At U.K. Airports To Be Eased

Bowing to pressure from harassed travellers and angry airline companies, the British Government is reported to have decided to ease restrictions on carrying hand luggage on board, imposed last month as part of new security measures at airports . . .

Extremists Vs Moderates

The US President had been talking about the war on terrorism for the last five years. That did not make sense. Terrorism was a strategy and not an entity against which war was to be waged. It was like saying that World War II was against Blitzkrieg . . .

Can Science Bring China And India Closer?

For meaningful cooperation aimed at the realisation of both countries' scientific aspirations, a change in mindset will be necessary.

Divided And Ruling

Tensions leading up to Muzaffar Beig's resignation as Deputy Chief Minister put the Congress-PDP marriage to the test.

Enduring Freedom Or Enduring Musharraf?

Under the US leadership, the so-called war against terrorism has essentially become a war against Al Qaeda, but there are other adversaries too. To win against them all, US has to realise that freedom and Musharraf do not go together.

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