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Friday, September 15, 2006


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From September 09 , 2006 to September 15, 2006

Ensuring Security In The Age Of Global Terror

A structured two-pronged approach is needed to combat terrorism. First, a set of laws or `rules of engagement' for dealing with terrorists. Secondly, a special force with the authority to operate domestically and externally.

In Latin America, Dragon Flies High

As Dr Manmohan Singh completes his visit to Brazil, the first bilateral visit to Latin America by an Indian PM in 38 years, he would find China miles ahead in cultivating this important part of the world.

Tactical Blunder

Islamabad's policy of creating a divide between Balochis and Pashtuns will lead to further fragmentation of Pakistan, says B Raman.

Govt Faces Hard Fight To Beat Aids In Uttar Padesh

Sitting on a wooden bench under a slowly whirring fan, 43-year-old Prempal says he urgently needs anti-retroviral drugs to fight the HIV illness in his body.

Joining Hands With Taliban

Since the unrest in Balochistan, Musharraf has stopped Army operations against Taliban and Al Qaeda remnants as they, unlike Balochis, are comfortable with Musharraf

American Dilemmas In `Greater Middle East'

Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan... the US has landed itself in quite a mess in the Middle East, and if it is to come out reasonably unscathed, it must get Osama bin Laden. For this, says G. PARTHASARATHY, the US President, Mr George Bush, needs his . . .

Terror For Us, Ain’T So For India

A report released by a leading American think tank on South Asia, released late last week, has raised disturbing questions about the credibility of the Bush Administration’s post 9/11 resolve of leading an uncompromising global war on terrorism.

All The Bidders For A Troubled Bank

Just a fortnight ago, when United Western Bank (UWB) topped the first-ever customer satisfaction survey of banks, the findings and timing of the survey seemed outlandish.

At Ibsa Summit, Quota Lessons For I From B & Sa

As Prime Minister Manmohan Singh leaves for Brasilia to take part in the first India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) summit, are reservations and quotas on his mind? Or maybe the question isn’t entirely. quixotic.

Is Talking To Al-Qaeda An Option?

A BBC programme poses the question as the "war on terror" enters its sixth year.

Freedom Song

The irony is inescapable. Last month, the country mourned the death of the nonagenarian shehnai maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan in Varanasi. The obituaries gushed over his enlightenment and his ability to combine his devotion to Goddess Saraswati with . . .

Liberal View Needs To Be Less Fanatic

An unintended consequence of last week's Al Jazeera telecast of archival footage of a beatific Osama bin Laden blessing some of the 9/11 hijackers is the abrupt death of the strange theory that the attack on Manhattan's twin towers five years ago . . .

Just Nam-Sake Relevance

It's time India realised that non-alignment is dead and gone.

Only Through Dialogue

I HAD the privilege of meeting Akbar Khan Bugti, the slain Baloch leader, after the birth of Bangladesh and before the Shimla conference. My main purpose of visit to Pakistan was to interview Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, then.

Malegaon: The Road To Perdition

Islamist violence has scarred much of India, but the Malegaon bombings were preceded by a series of Hindutva terrorist attacks on mosques.

Just Nam-Sake Relevance

Dogmatism and ideological rigidity are often the biggest hurdles in the conduct of a nation's foreign policy. What may have been relevant four decades ago may not necessarily be relevant or even desirable today.

Arrests In Denmark

While the world awaits the fifth anniversary of 9/11 with anxiety, Denmark has to deal with yet another anniversary, the publication of Prophet's cartoons on Sep 30, 2005. And now Danish authorities claim to have thwarted "an attack somewhere in Denmark".

Blair To Quit Within A Year

After days of speculation about his political future, British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Thursday confirmed that he would quit within 12 months but refused to set a date saying he did not think it would be "right'' to do so at this stage.

Manic Development

Money, more aptly, the mafia, with the help of corrupt public servants, is destroying our national heritage in the shape of forests and fields. This is supposed to be modernisation.

Progress At What Cost?

The government is concerned about statistics and graphs on GDP but not greenery and the welfare of people.

Pm, Musharraf To Meet Again

The post-Mumbai blast stand-off between India and Pakistan may be over soon as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is preparing to meet President Pervez Musharraf on the margins of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit in Havana next week.

India, Germany To Hold Strategic Dialogue

Pranab Mukherjee signs agreement with German counterpart

Hollow Nation

The extent to which the so-called “second War of Independence” in Baluchistan has been galvanized in the aftermath of the “martyrdom” of the octogenarian, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, on August 26 can be gleaned from three developments.

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