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Friday, August 18, 2006

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From August 12 , 2006 to August 18, 2006

The Mumbai Death Cells

Investigations into the serial bombings in Mumbai might end in a replay of the 1993 terror strikes — with the perpetrators out of reach. 

All Work, No Play For India's Army Of Toiling Children

Subhankar Baidya can't bring himself to discuss his ordeal as an abused domestic servant. Instead, the five-year-old boy draws pictures to show the beatings and humiliations he endured until his rescue. 

Behind The Code Of Diplomatic Conduct

The relationship between India and Pakistan depends on its diplomats. If they are ill-treated, the result is ill-will and tension. 

As India Debates N-Deal, China & Pak Move To Close Rival Pact

As India’s nuclear debate enters the Rajya Sabha tomorrow, Beijing and Islamabad are moving towards deeper bilateral atomic energy cooperation. 

Indian Muslims in U.K. "shocked"

Leaders concerned over "new trend".

India yet to decide on continuing in revamped UNIFIL

India is still to make up its mind on whether or not its troops will continue in the soon-to-be-revamped United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL). 

National Awakening

A person who is wedded, with the virtue of determination to accomplish a deed, would be able to execute the same and earn glory and fame. 

Pm Faces Latest Hurdle To N-Deal

Top retired nuclear scientists may not be the only ones to have serious misgivings about the direction in which the Indo-US nuclear deal is heading in the US Congress. 

Jamaat-Ud-Dawa Defiant After Terror Charges

Lashkar-linked outfit's anti-West polemic intensifies after fund freeze.

Build A New India

...shun the politics of divisiveness and adopt the politics of change and progress ... recognize and reward individual merit and hard work while working for an inclusive society. 

The House We Live In

When Parliament meets again tomorrow what are the odds our MPs will plunge into work, their resolve renewed and refreshed by the spirit of Independence Day? 

Addressing The Digital Underside

There is enormous ignorance about the dangers from misuse of digitised data and we need privacy polices and statutes to protect citizens. 

Candle In The Wind

At last,” I remarked when I received, from Lahore, an invitation to bring with me five more persons to join the Pakistan independence day celebrations. This was not from any big organisation. Still it reflected a thaw of sorts. Never had such a gesture be. 

Athens Struggles To Find Use For 2004 Venues

Barbed wire, padlocked doors and scattered garbage are what Athenians see these days at their multi-billion euro sports venues built two years ago for the 2004 Olympics. 

Indian Village Uploads Itself Onto Internet

An Indian village has uploaded itself onto the Internet, giving the outside world a glimpse of life in rural India. 

U.S. Retailers Step Up Marketing To Hawk Denim

To tempt back-to-school shoppers into buying yet another pair of blue jeans, U.S. retailers are turning to gimmicks like free movies and music downloads. 

The Camera Can Lie — Sometimes

What the "eye" sees is not always what it looks like, thanks to the many ways in which a camera can be manipulated. 

Caveat Emptor Is Still The Norm In India

What happened to caveat emptor? That is the title of a discussion by Professor Gunnar Trumbull of the Harvard Business School on his new book Consumer Capitalism: Politics, Product Markets, and Firm Strategy in France and Germany. 

Terror needs fearless tackle

It would, perhaps, not be outrageous to suggest that had the authorities in Pakistan been as forthcoming with information to India as they were to the British Intelligence, the July 11 carnage in Mumbai may have been averted. 

U.S. Warns Of Terror Attacks In India

Foreign terrorists, including those from the Al-Qaeda, allegedly planning to target Delhi, Mumbai.

Evidence Mounts Of Pakistan Links

Many held in U.K. for bomb plot travelled to Pakistan.

U.K. Freezes Assets Of 19 Terror Suspects

Most of the 24 arrested are young men of Pakistani origin, born and brought up in Britain.

Know What They Did That Summer

One of the great mysteries of our contemporary history is, just what happened between India and Pakistan in the summer of 1990? 

India, Pakistan Need To Move Ahead

The two neighbours have too much at stake to allow the peace process to drift further. 

Public Sector Banks Caught In A Bind

The Finance Ministry asking public sector banks to keep in abeyance their prime lending rate hikes can affect the independence and efficacy of the PSBs. Hopefully, the Ministry will withdraw the letter and permit banks to function as before. 

Drugs Don't Work For Many India Aids Patients

The drugs Shyamal Kumar Dey takes to fight AIDS don't work anymore. 

Pakistani Villagers Fall Prey To Kidney Trade

Amjad Ali, a poor villager from the Cholistan Desert in eastern Pakistan, was promised a job and money in exchange for a kidney. 

War On Terror Gets New Bush Lexicon: It’s War Against Islamic Fascism

This dramatic formulation employed by US President George W. Bush today after a plot to bomb several airliners was foiled in London, will ricochet round the world for a long time to come. 

Attack On The Idea Of India

How ironic that Tony Blair should be the first major political leader to point out that the nature of our Kashmir problem has changed. 

De-Listing The Minority Shareholders

Last week’s trading pattern with the steep and inexplicable rise and fall of stock prices suggests large-scale market manipulation. 

Desperate To Oppose

Even before these civilized assumptions were rendered redundant by the rough and tumble of ‘emerging’ democracies, there were alternative perceptions of the Opposition’s role. Radical politicians, particularly . . . 

Lighting A Candle Of Hope

The people-to-people contacts between India and Pakistan should continue. 

U.K. Foils Plot To Blow Up U.S.-Bound Planes

21 suspects held in raids; plan was to use "sophisticated" liquid explosives; high alert in Heathrow, other airports.

Operation Bojinka, 2006

The latest terrorist plot in the UK, whose discovery was announced by the Scotland Yard on August 10, 2006, has all the elements of the thwarted Bojinka of 1995.  

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