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Friday, August 11, 2006


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From August 05 , 2006 to August 11, 2006

Tharoor Has A Long Way To Go

Among the many myths that have landed India in deep diplomatic embarrassment in the past are

myths about so-called “solidarity of the nonaligned and developing countries” and the belief . . .

Gujarat Riot Victims Hunt For Bodies, Justice

After a tip from a local streetsweeper, Amina Habib Rasool and a few friends began digging through

a rubbish tip, looking for the remains of sons and husbands four years after they were slaughtered

by a Hindu mob. 

Politics Of Aggrandisement

I have nothing against the MPs who have prevailed upon the government to curtail parliament’s

session by three days. My worry is over the cause for which they have done so. 

Young Ny Singer Builds Big Following With Web Exposure

Inside a disheveled Long Island beach cottage on a muggy summer day, Jamie Kristine Seerman

sings into a microphone, strumming a battered guitar, recording on a computer a song that she

hopes will be a hit. 

When Self-Defence Becomes Lawlessness

Israel's right to self-defence has never been the issue. The issue is whether its response has been


No Need To Get Mushy

All over the world, but notably in the Islamic countries and Europe, the ongoing conflict in Lebanon

has become the occasion for another outburst of visceral anti-Americanism. 

Funding One’S Own Social Security Cheques

We are a country that offers no social security to most senior citizens (even after a lifetime of

paying taxes), no long-term Medicare plans and increasingly, not even medical insurance for

people over 55. Senior citizens also have few tax breaks . . . 

De-Listing The Minority Shareholders

Last week’s trading pattern with the steep and inexplicable rise and fall of stock prices suggests

large-scale market manipulation. This is happening despite the big change in the trader profile due

to increased transparency, stricter Know Your . . . 

The House They All Built

The Bharatiya Janata Party would not be itself if it stopped playing politics with history. As the

real intentions of the BJP in raking up a controversy about an American “mole” in P.V. Narasimha

Rao’s PMO become clear, Sonia Gandhi and Prime . . . 

Attack On The Idea Of India

How ironic that Tony Blair should be the first major political leader to point out that the nature of

our Kashmir problem has changed. 

Mountain In The Molehill

Did you notice that in the entire commotion over the Jaswant Singh mole revelation nobody talked

about the one aspect which, if any at all, should have mattered today? And it is not so much as

to who the mole was, but whether or not a leakage did . . . 

The Bravest Of The Voices

In an auditorium in Delhi, usually filled with the sounds of classical music and dance, I heard the

voices, last week, of India’s poorest, bravest, most exploited citizens. 

American Claims And Questions Of Fact

Are the United States' claims that Pakistan is serious about fighting jihadi terrorism directed at

India plausible? 

Silent Partitions

The divisions caused by decades of communal strife are partly responsible for the terror in Mumbai. 

Harnessing Hate

Lashkar terrorist Syed Abdul Karim `Tunda' has vanished after the Mumbai explosions, but his

legacy refuses to disappear. 

"Germany's Michelangelo", Hitler's Favourite, On Show

A naked man with the body of a Greek god, a textbook Aryan face and the haircut of a Nazi foot

soldier. A muscular warrior brandishing a massive stone as he prepares for an act of vengeance. 

Tribes Stranded As Sardar Sarovar Dam Drowns Valley

Kishore Solanki picks up a rock on the banks of the swollen Narmada river, gesturing towards land,

now submerged, where once he grew enough wheat and vegetables to make a comfortable living. 

The House They All Built

The Bharatiya Janata Party would not be itself if it stopped playing politics with history. 

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