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Friday, July 28, 2006


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From July  22 , 2006 to July  28, 2006

Chinese Director Bemoans Commercialism In Arts

Gu Anyi has weathered many storms during his career, from doing gruelling farmwork far from home to being recruited to perform revolutionary communist versions of traditional Peking Opera before Chinese soldiers.

Filipino Students Hurt By Overcrowding, Underfunding

From overcrowded classrooms with children studying in shifts to a shortage of books and a weak grasp of English, mathematics and science, the education system in the Philippines is struggling to get a passing grade.

Little Light On Nuclear Deal

President George Bush and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh signed an agreement on July 18, 2005, under which President Bush pledged he would work to achieve "full nuclear energy cooperation" with India.

Offence Against Israel

If India's anger against Pakistan is justified, so is Israel's ire against Iran, Syria and their surrogates.

After The Nuclear Deal

President George W. Bush and Dr Manmohan Singh signed an agreement on July 18, 2005, under which the US leader pledged he would work to achieve “full nuclear energy cooperation” with India.

Jaw-Jaw Better Than War-War

I am somewhat worried by the lack of out-of-box thinking within the Indian and Pakistani media.

Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Israel has as much right to act against the intelligence agencies of Iran and Syria and their surrogates as India has to act against the ISI and its surrogates.

Mother-In-Law Told To Pay Damages

Incomprehensible personal attack: court Campaign of abuse began soon after marriage: Gina Forced to clean toilets with bare hands No problem with husband .

India, Pakistan May Exchange Views In Dhaka

SAARC a chance to re-examine relationship.

Costs Of Rejection

The Indo-US nuclear deal under negotiation has been misunderstood as a bilateral engagement. Critics view the deal as a clever US attempt to entrap India into a junior partnership to serve US interests and cap India's strategic arsenal.

Not By Musharraf Alone

After the Mumbai blasts and the meandering investigations by the government, one thing stands out. India has no easy options in dealing with either of the twin challenges that confront the nation — terrorism and relations with Pakistan.

E-Wallets Useful, But Can Be Risky, Too

If not regulated, electronic wallets can encourage Net-based gambling and other dubious activities.

Indian Maoists Criticise Prachanda

Multiparty democracy, U.N. supervision a "dangerous" mistake.

Celebrating Terror, Israeli-Style

If any form of violence that kills innocent people is terrorism as Israel insists then its bombing of the King David hotel was an act of terror which it should condemn rather than celebrate.

The Transformation Of Ibm

Change from a primarily hardware company to one led by software and services.

`Tunda' Disappears

He was deported to `unknown country': Kenyan newspaper Arrested person is a Nigerian national with a similar name: authorities It was a case of mistaken identity, they say.

'Us Will Never Act Against Pakistan'

"How were you so naive in trusting them and handing over the timer to them? One should never trust the US in matters concerning Pakistan. The US will never act against Pakistan for anything it does to India." So said R.N. Kao way back then, and it . . .

Political Myopia

National security and foreign policy are being influenced by considerations of domestic vote banks. Establishing 'secular credentials' does not mean ignoring the ISI's role in radicalizing Indian Muslim youths, or the root-causes - Ayodhya 1992 and . . .

Only The Prez Understands

Of all our national leaders only he has understood the urgency with which things will need to change if Mumbai is not to run out of its patience.

Founder Of Lashkar's India Operations Held In Kenya

Abdul Karim `Tunda' was among top 20 terrorists whose extradition India demanded in 2001-2002 RAW inputs led to arrest Believed to have shuttled between Dhaka, Kathmandu and Lahore Circumstances of arrest not known A victory for aggressive diploma.

Nathu La Beckons

The mountain pass between Sikkim and the Tibet Autonomous Region reopens for trade with China.

Inhuman Sacrifices

Islamists have harvested the public outrage against the Srinagar sex scandal.

Secrets For Sale

The second major espionage scandal in two years highlights the growing vulnerablity of India's covert services.

From Medicine Man To Murderer

Abdul Karim Tunda's extraordinary journey offers deep insight into the factors behind the Lashkar-e-Taiba's growth in India.

Blame It On The Third World

Many in the West find it convenient to see their problems as the result of "contamination" by the Third World. Such commentaries sound patronising, even racist.

Maximum Terror And Its Mechanics

Evidence points to a Lashkar-e-Taiba role in the serial explosions on trains in Mumbai on July 11.

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