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Friday, July 07, 2006


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From July  01 , 2006 to July 07, 2006

Expat Pakistanis Head Home To Fuel Makeover Boom

Fancy a tummy tuck or face lift? How about a hair transplant? 

Federation For Lanka

I do not accept all of what the LTTE spokesman, Dr Anton Balasingam, has said in his interview to

an Indian television network. 

Mulling Over Mittal

For reasons that have as much to do with ethnicity as with national pride, Lakshmi Mittal’s doughty

success in effecting the merger of the Luxembourg-registered Arcelor SA with his Mittal Steel has

been widely celebrated in India. 

Ltte’S Turnaround

The security of Sri Lankan Tamils is eventually what needs to be ensured as a first step towards a


N-Deal Sent Up To Senate

The US Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, like its House of Representatives counterpart two

days ago, voted overwhelmingly this afternoon to endorse the Indo-US nuclear deal. 

How The West Lost A Friend In Moscow

Persistent Western criticism of Russia and America's role in the unrest in its neighbourhood appear to

be testing the patience of even pro-western Russian leaders. Now Mikhail Gorbachev tells

Washington and London to keep their hands off Russia. 

Growing Power Of The Underworld

Rashtrapati Bhavan is not a court of appeal. But over the years, it has become a forum where

concerned citizens have sought the attention of the highest in the land to the problems which the

government has failed to notice, much less tackle. 

Smarting Over India N-Deal, Pak Gets F-16 Offer From Us

The Bush Administration’s decision to seek Congressional approval last night of the sale of 16 F-16

fighter aircraft for Pakistan is, only in part, a compensation for the American refusal to offer a

nuclear deal similar to the one signed with India . . .

Caring For Kashmir's Dead Is Soul-Destroying

They are the men who care for Kashmir's dead, but the work is slowly killing them. 

Tibet Rail: Dalai Lama’S Open Mind

While supporters of the Tibetan cause protested against the inauguration of the spectacular rail line

from Gormo to Lhasa on Saturday, the Dalai Lama has left himself some political room. 

Win-Win Nuclear Deal

It is futile to look for explanations from prophets of gloom who predicted that the Indo-US nuclear

cooperation agreement would fail to overcome US legislative hurdles. 

Will India-China Border Talks Ever End?

For 25 years, India has been seeking to settle by negotiation with China the disputed Indo-Tibetan


Transforming The Art Of Giving Productively

The Gates-Buffet twin decisions to walk away from wealth have lessons beyond the money. 

Iraq And Guantanamo Fuelling Terrorist Threat, Says Report

The way the "war'' on terror is being conducted has further fuelled extremism and increased the

threat from Al-Qaeda, according to a high-level committee of British MPs. 

Iraqi Problem Can End Only When Full Sovereignty Returns: Manmohan

Situation tragic, I don't have a readymade solution Spanish Prime Minister wants greater contacts

with India Both countries should work together to curb terrorism: Manmohan 

Non-Political Experts To Head J & K Working Groups

PDP, National Conference unable to agree on nominees: official People's representatives shoul

conduct political dialogue: Tarigami A step in the right direction: Omar Appointments, a significant

change in official thought on dialogue process . . . 

Poultry Team For West Asia To Allay Bird Flu Fears

To press for lifting of import ban on poultry products To put in perspective on the disease-free

status of the farms in the South, especially Tamil Nadu and Kerala. A detailed video presentation will

also be made to show that products from the . . . 

Half-Baked Reforms At Raw

Facing an exodus of key personnel and increasingly vulnerable to penetration, India's external

intelligence service is beset by crisis. 

Experiments With Terror

The peace process resembles nothing so much as an arch without its keystone – in this case, an

end to killing. Now as before, though, the keystone is stored in Islamabad, not New Delhi or Srinagar. 

A Dying Industry In India's Graveyard Of Ships

Kamal Mandal packs his greasy clothes, pausing to glance at a ship being ripped apart bit-by-bit by

an army of workers on the Indian coast. 

Harvest Of Hunger And Indignity

It's time Government paid greater attention to the welfare of farmers instead of worrying about the

stock market, says S Gurumurthy 

U.K. Ban Will Hit Recruitment Of Nurses From India

In a move that will affect thousands of potential recruits from India, Britain has slapped a ban on

recruitment of overseas nurses from outside the European Union (EU), in order to give priority to

domestic candidates. 

A "Peacekeeping" Mission Goes Wrong

Britain's post-9/11 campaign in Afghanistan, meant to be a largely peaceful one, is turning into a

full-scale war. 

Meeting Ground In The Mountains

Hordes of officials and journalists descend on the Nathu La Pass, which is to be officially opened for

border trade on Thursday. 

Delhi Napping As Beijing Pushes Tibet Rail To Sikkim, Arunachal

The long-awaited re-opening of the Nathu La pass for border trade between Sikkim and Tibet

tomorrow pales into insignificance as Beijing unveils plans for rail connectivity across the Sino-Indian

border and all along it. 

The Geopolitical Ripples

The dramatic seven missile tests by North Korea doesn’t just test the patience of the international

community, which has been warning Pyongyang against it, they could mark a decisive break in the

geopolitics of East Asia.

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