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Friday, June 23, 2006


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From June 17 , 2006 to June 23, 2006

Raul Aims To Have Last Word At Finals

Raul's usual goal celebration involves a brief kiss of his wedding ring but this time he careered off to

the corner packed with Spanish fans, punched his chest and pointed to the crest on his red shirt.

Indian Plan To Dam Northeast Rivers Stirs Critics

Ambitious plans to build dams and hydro power projects throughout the hills of the remote northeast

have trodden on some sensitive toes in the troubled region.

Targetting Migrant Workers

Sixteen agricultural workers of Nepali origin are the latest victims of terror.

"There's Going To Be No Effective U.N. Without The U.S."

Shashi Tharoor, India's candidate for the post of Secretary-General of the United Nations, speaks

about his chances and his plans.

India Needs To Achieve Energy Independence By 2030

The era of wood is almost nearing its end. The world energy forum has predicted that fossil-based

oil, coal and gas reserves will last for less than ten decades.

Indian Plan To Dam Northeast Rivers Stirs Critics

Ambitious plans to build dams and hydro power projects throughout the hills of the remote northeast

have trodden on some sensitive toes in the troubled region.

Sri Lanka's Tamils Turn To Smugglers To Flee Conflict

Maduraweeran Kantharajah was so desperate to flee conflict between Sri Lanka's government and

Tamil Tiger rebels that he sold his furniture and wife's jewellery to pay smugglers to sail his family to


Russia Pragmatic On Arms But Is Trade Healthy?

Missiles to Syria and Iran, warplanes to Venezuela and Myanmar, helicopters to Sudan -- Russia goes

its own way when it comes to selling arms, seemingly immune to ethical debates that affect the

industry elsewhere.

Sri Lanka's Overseas Tamils Fill Rebel Tiger Coffers

It's thanks to Sri Lanka's overseas Tamils -- people like engineer S. Vijayadeva or accountant Kana

Naheerathan -- that the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) can afford to keep up its


Market Musings In These Volatile Times

After the roller-coaster ride in the capital market last week, only the very bold or extremely foolish

would dare to predict what the coming week will bring. In the last fortnight, the Indian market has

bounced up three times with a dazzling . . .

The Magic Of That Old School Tie

Fifty four per cent of Britain's top newspaper and television journalists were educated at expensive

private schools.

Shaken By Shanghai

While the painful prose of the declarations from the Shanghai summit last week might put most

people to sleep, it has begun to shake America out of its strategic stupor in Asia.

Regulation Must Keep Pace With Markets

Regulators and laws are still to address the issues posed by e-wallet, an already launched product

Web Auctions, The New Jackpot For Middle Americans

Al Losey, a corporate trainer at a Detroit auto parts maker, lost his job six weeks ago in what could

be another down-and-out story from a hard luck corner of the American economy.

Politics Is On A Dead Cat Bounce

The turbulence in the global equity markets has, if nothing else, helped add to our collective


Is The `War On Terror' Going Out Of Control?

Governments, especially western liberal democracies with their supposedly more enlightened "values,"

are expected to get the balance between national security and individual liberties right. But is the

`war on terror' descending into a form of . . .

Quota And Populism

By a happy coincidence I went to have coffee with Arun Shourie in his elegant Delhi home the day

his new book came out. It is called Falling Over Backwards:

Bmic: Bjp Stand Will Strain Ties, Says Gowda

These are very early days for Indian campaign for Shashi Tharoorís elevation to the UN Secretary-Generalís job.

Let Down By India?

After its initial expression of concern over the military operations, the Balochs are disappointed at

Indian silence on the continuing suppression by the Pakistani military establishment.

U.K.: Amnesty For Illegal Migrants Likely

An estimated half a million migrants, living in Britain illegally and constituting virtually a parallel

economy, could be offered amnesty to save the Government the almost impossible task of deporting


Cross-Dressing Pakistani Hails Media Freedom

Every Saturday night Pakistani actor Ali Saleem puts on a bright saree and chunky jewellery and

transforms himself into glamorous widow Begum Nawazish Ali, who teases guests with flirty questions

on a television chat show.

Luxury Brands Take Baby Steps In India

Flanked by a swish Swarovski store and a Ruby Tuesday restaurant, India's first Versace boutique

opened in an upmarket Mumbai mall, its bright displays and steel-and-white interiors drawing several


India And Free Trade In Asia

Why should consumers pay higher prices for tea, spices and rubber? Is it not time to treat

agriculture like the industrial sector, to help it become globally competitive?

Drama In Real Life

How genuine was the terrorist attack on the RSS Head Quarters in Nagpur?

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