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Friday, June 02, 2006


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From May 27 , 2006 to June 02, 2006

The Unrest In Sri Lanka

On May 21, 1991, a suicide bomber strapped with explosives deputed by LTTE chief Velupillai

Prabhakaran blew herself up and assassinated former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Yet Another 'Surprise'

Terror before any significant event, particularly any peace-move, has become an established norm in

J&K - the recent terror attack in Srinagar raises serious concerns about the state of our physical

security set-up.

Five Years After

Large sections of the people of Kabul, who had welcomed the entry of the Northern Alliance and US

troops into Kabul in 2001 with flowers, song and dance, shouted the most abusive slogans against

the US and Mr Karzai on May 29, 2006. What gives?

1980s Redux?

Afghanistan since 2005 is not Iraq since 2003, it's more a a re-run of the anti-Soviet jihad of the

1980s--this time targeted not against the Soviet communists and their Afghan supporters, but

against the "Western infidels led by the US and the UK" . . .

Round Table Politics: Jihad And Kebabs

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's round-table process calls for a transfiguration of political attitudes

in New Delhi and Srinagar.

The Fallout And The Falling Out

The more one searches for credible political rationale behind Mandal II, the more baffled it leaves

you. It is only going to leave a trail of losers, not winners.

J&k Terrorist Groups Finding New Recruits

Maharashtra, Gujarat residents training with Hizb-ul-Mujahideen Resident of Maharashtra village killed

in encounter in J&K Was most likely being trained on behalf of Lashkar-e-Taiba Hizb may be seeking

to enhance its own pan-India capabilities

Obliterate The Tamil Tigers

On May 21, 1991, a suicide bomber strapped with explosives deputed by the LTTE chief Velupillai

Prabhakaran blew herself up and assassinated former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Prabhakaran, who

faces charges of involvement in Rajiv Gandhi's . . .

Women Celebrate, Men Sulk, Over A Ruling

The British House of Lords has obliterated the traditional distinction between the home-maker and

the breadwinner.

Eu Ban And After

The reported decision of the Europen Union (EU) countries to declare the Liberation Tigers of Tamil

Eelam (LTTE) as a terrorist organisation and ban its activities in their respective territories would be

unimpeachable legally and on merits . . .

Selection Woes

Punjab's 21-year-old paceman Vikram Raj Vir (VRV) Singh's selection ahead of the seasoned Ajit

Agarkar and Rudra Pratap Singh in the quartet of pace bowlers for Team India's four Test series has

been the talking point since the time chairman of selectors

Saving The Serendip

While the EU has shown forbearance in dealing with the LTTE, it is now clear that the patience of

the international community is wearing thin.

The Pakistan Connection

India has to be prepared for attacks on its personnel working on Afghan-Pak border from the Taliban

Wincing Over Da Vinci Code

Three Vatican-affiliated satra-pies have unilaterally banned the Hollywood blockbuster, The Da Vinci

Code, thereby affirming paramount loyalty to Il Papa as opposed to the Indian nation.

India Yet To Endorse Un Role In Nepal

As the Government in Nepal prepares to invite the UN into the peace process with the Maoists, India

is yet to make up its mind on the timing and the nature of the external involvement in the Himalayan


Through The Looking Glass In J&k

New Delhi's dialogue with the All Parties Hurriyat Conference has reached an impasse. What could

now lie ahead?

Sebi Gets More Elbow Room To Enforce Discipline

It comes following a Supreme Court order laying down a set of principles for trying financial crime.

Defence Diplomacy Redefined

It isn’t often that India’s defence ministers make a mark on global diplomacy. But that’s precisely

what Pranab Mukherjee is doing these days.

Nuclear Wake-Up Call

The US delegation to the UN Conference on Disarmament in Geneva has tabled a draft Fissile

Materials Cut-off Treaty (FMCT). It has also moved for nomination of an ad hoc committee from

among 65 members of the conference to start the negotiating process.

Need For Interaction And Crisis Management

On 17 May 2004, the nation watched with disbelief as stock prices dropped 10 per cent within

minutes after trading started for the day. A Sebi official later said that the ‘‘velocity of the fall in

stock prices was second only to the great crash . . .

Stuck In Conflict, S.Lanka Monitors Find New Roles

For civilians caught on the front line of a growing conflict between Sri Lanka's government and Tamil

Tiger rebels, truce monitor Jukka Heiskanen's white jeep is almost the only reassurance around.

My Seat, Mai Baap

Most people of my generation got their first exposure to the complexities of national politics through

the dark phase of the Emergency.

When The Market Fell By 10% In Two Days

Only the most naive or foolish investors would say that a sharp correction in the capital market was

either unanticipated or unwarranted.

Coalition Comes To Rule At States Too

The results of the Assembly elections have established one thing very clearly—that alliances and

coalitions are an inevitability at the Centre and increasingly in the states.

The Doctor Needs A Shot In The Arm

Two years in the saddle, the Prime Minister runs the risk of being the fall guy unless he sorts out

issues with Sonia and gets her backing

Just A Turn Left, Or About-Turn?

Last week’s election results are scary for two reasons. The resounding victory of the Left in West

Bengal and Kerala, and the meltdown of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Widening Agitation

After the Satyendra Dubey and Jessica Lal murders, the government of the day is again in danger of

failing to recognise the depth of public anger over increased reservations.

Beijing's Arab Initiative

After a highly focused African initiative that will conclude in a China-Africa summit later this year,

Beijing is well poised to repeat the pattern in the Arab world.

Pranab's Nudge Could Bring Japan Defence Tech To India(25)

As he arrives on a path-breaking visit here tomorrow, Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee is expected

to gently push at Japan’s closed but unlocked door on defence technology exports to India.

Up & Down In Down South

Amma’s got a lot done so why’s she worried? Is there a gleam behind those famous Karunanidhi

goggles? What’s Kalam doing atop a building? Looking for answers from a limo

Sex Racket In Srinagar

Despite saturation coverage of the protests against a commercial sex racket in Srinagar, their

political content has passed unexamined.

Where Do Arjun, Sonia's Grandkids Study?

First, let us drop the pretense that Mr Arjun 27 per cent was acting on his own when he announced

his new quotas.

Coming Home To Malnad

Kuvempu’s house that has been converted into a museum as well as the Kuvempu Centenary

Memorial Building are fitting tributes to one of the greatest cultural personalities of our times, writes

Vidya Maria Joseph.

Happy Twosome

Let's straddle languages and cultures with pride, says English-Marathi writer Kiran Nagarkar

Galloway Sparks A Row

The prominent anti-war British MP, George Galloway, has sparked a row after he reportedly said in an

interview that it would be "morally justified'' for a suicide bomber to target Prime Minister Tony Blair

for invading Iraq which has resulted in the . . .

Caste Doesn’T Matter

Nearly everyone I spoke to said issues of caste did not interest them and what they were interested

in was improving their lives and ensuring that their children lived even better..

Gujarat: Breeding Ground

Investigators shut down terror cells tasked with executing strikes in Gujarat, but the threat remains.

Seduced By An Elusive Idea Of India

In the West, the buzz about a "resurgent" India ready for the big take-off is inescapable. No doubt,

all this sounds exciting and fills many Indians with pride. But how much of it is for real?

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