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Friday, May 19, 2006

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From May 13 , 2006 to May 19, 2006

Indians In Afghanistan
Lauding its “determination and courage” in fighting terrorism and stopping nuclear proliferation, former US Secretary of State Colon Powell joyously declared that Pakistan was a “major non-NATO ally” on March 16, 2004.

Danger Looms In Afghanistan
Lauding its "determination and courage" in fighting terrorism and stopping nuclear proliferation, former US Secretary of State Colin Powell joyously declared on March 16, 2004, that Pakistan was a "major non-NATO ally".

Balochis Attack Pak Nukes
Here's something to worry about for the doomsday prophets - Pakistani nukes are being eyed not just by the jihadis or the Americans but by the Balochis too - in qualitatively different ways, of course.

Border Crossings
As a peace process takes shape in Nepal after the popular movement last month against an autocratic monarchy, another is coming under intense strain in Sri Lanka.

Singh To Sing A Song On Achievements
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will present a second report card to mark the completion of his United Progressive Alliance Government’s two years in office on May 22.

Victims Of London Bombings Cry Foul
Laypersons and experts alike have called for an independent inquiry - on the lines of the post-9/11 investigation in America.

Against Left, For Left Front
Among the more intriguing theories that were proffered in Kolkata to explain the Left Front's conclusive seventh-term victory last Thursday, one struck me as quite prescient.

Means And Ends
For the most part, the war in the high mountains of Jammu

A Time For Growing Up
Sonia Gandhi’s campaign for re-election from Rae Bareilli brought back for me memories of why, ever since I became a political journalist, I have opposed dynastic democracy.

Terror On The Mountains
On the politics and practice of massacres in the Jammu region in the wake of the killings in Doda and Udhampur districts.

Post-Poll Turbulence Likely For The Pm
While an emboldened Left plans to raise the pressure, so do leaders from within the Congress.


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