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Friday, May 12, 2006

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From May 06 , 2006 to May 12, 2006

B Raman: Should We Believe General Malik?

The perennial debate over the functioning of the intelligence agencies between the Indian Army and

the agencies has once again been revived following the publication by General Ved Prakash Malik,

the Chief of the Army Staff at the time of the . . . 

A Helpless Bystander

Sri Lanka has been bleeding continuously ever since Mahinda Rajapakse took over as the President

last November and immediately thereafter wriggled out of the commitment made to the Sri Lankan

Tamils by his predecessors to find a solution to their . . . 

The Freelance Jihadis

They are not members of any identified jihadi terrorist organisation. They are not brainwashed into

resorting to suicide terrorism by any organisation or madrasa or religious cleric or state-sponsor of

terrorism. They are just angry. Very angry. 

Bbc's Coverage Comes Under Fire

FOR YEARS, the British Broadcasting Corporation has been accused by the Israeli Government, its

diplomats in Britain, and by Jewish groups of displaying an anti-Israeli "bias" in its coverage of the

Israeli-Palestinian conflict. At the height of the . . . 

Ghosts Of Kargil

India's former Chief of the Army Staff provokes renewed debate on the intelligence warnings prior to

the 1999 Kargil War. 

How Will Mahajan’S Death Affect Bjp?

Death, according to some of the great religious traditions, is the great leveller. In Indian public life,

however, death becomes the spectacular elevator. 

‘Enlightened Citizens Can Help Deal With Terrorist Situations’

I would like to share with you the cruel incident which took place in Afghanistan and has resulted in

the loss of a precious engineer, Suryanarayana, resulting in the loss of smiles on the faces of his

family including his three small children. 

The Battle For Africa

While Minister for State for External Affairs Anand Sharma is bravely flying the flag in Africa, India is

yet to match the relentless momentum behind the Chinese diplomatic onslaught in the continent. 

Ltte's Efforts To Provoke Colombo Have Not Succeeded . . .

Says the onus of resuming the peace process is now on the Tigers "LTTE using Karuna issue as a

pretext not to return to negotiating table" He spells out goals for innovators Facilitator's task a

"thankless one" given the complexity of ethnic problem 

Blair Denies Straw-Iran Link

British Prime Minister Tony Blair has dismissed as "rubbish'' reports that Jack Straw was removed from

the Foreign Office because of his opposition to any military intervention in Iran, or because of

pressure from Washington. 

Varanasi Blasts Suspect Shot Dead In J&k

Police-Army operation ends in elimination of Bhagpat-based cleric Mohammad Zubair He had overall

command of Varanasi bombings, believe investigators Was trained in bomb-making, urban terrorism in


From Shakti Maira's Book

Hampi is spread across 10 square kilometres and is built on the banks of the Tungabhadra River... It

was the capital of the Vijayanagar kingdom, the genesis of modern Karnataka. 

Assess Damage, Find Solutions

The market still underestimates the seriousness of data integrity issues and deficient supervision 

Tackling The Bubbles Threat

What the RBI is trying to do is to erect fences to safeguard the real economy from shocks Much of

the debate on bubbles (asset price inflation) is in the context of the relationship between asset

prices and inflation and strategies for inflation targeti 

Hu’S Eight Commandments

After Hu Jintao, the President of China and Chairman of the CPC, issued a set of eight do’s and eight

don’ts to improve the moral standards of Chinese people, the party has gone into an overdrive. 

A Creator Of Ragas

As the strings of the Navachitravina came alive, the air was filled with music that can only be called

a classical trance. 

The Right To Live Better

It happens every time. I arrive in a beautiful European city and find myself wondering when we will

have one Indian city that looks this good. 

India Watches As Sri Lanka Bleeds

Sri Lanka has been bleeding continuously ever since Mr Mahinda Rajapakse took over as the

President last November and immediately thereafter wriggled out of the commitment made to the Sri

Lankan Tamils by his predecessors to find a solution to their . . . 

Evidence Of Lashkar Role In Massacres

Survivors identify member of terror group that carried out the Doda and Udhampur killings Survivors

provide critical information to police on Lalon Galla massacre Terrorists sighted in high-altitude forest

near Basantgarh Phone used by "Abu Talha" r 

Resolving The Kargil Conundrum

Some coherent answers are clearly needed to the question of why troops were thinned at a time

when India should have been enhancing its defences. 

Up & Down In Down South

Amma’s got a lot done so why’s she worried? Is there a gleam behind those famous Karunanidhi

goggles? What’s Kalam doing atop a building? Looking for answers from a limo 

Kargil And Questions Of War

Was the Kargil war the outcome of just intelligence failure? 

Dangers Of Saltoro Pull-Back

There are indications that New Delhi is negotiating with Pakistan to pull back Indian forces from the

strategic heights of Saltoro Range and establish an extensive demilitarised zone. But there should be

no question of a pull-back from positions . . . 

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