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Friday, May 05, 2006

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From April 29 , 2006 to May 05, 2006

Man In A Hurry

For the fledgling Bharatiya Janata Party, New Year’s Day, 1985 was not the occasion to celebrate.

As the general election results poured in, the anticipated victory of the Congress turned into an


Dangers Of Saltor Demilitarisation

There has been significant progress in recent months in expanding cooperation and reducing tensions

between India and Pakistan, despite continuing incidents of ISI sponsored terrorism. 

"White Supremacy" Or Racism?

Professor Cornel West says racism is what they have in America while in Britain the problem is

essentially one of latent "white supremacy." This means that racial prejudices in Britain operate in

more subtle forms than American-style in-your-face racism. 

Nehru-Gandhi Family Neglected Amethi, Rae Bareli: Mulayam

Rs 1,026- crore package given, says CM 

A Case Of Sour Grapes

Pakistan has lost little time in mounting a campaign against the Indo-US nuclear deal, arguing that

any such arrangement should be a common package for both. The element of terror and blackmail in

its campaign is hard to overlook. 

Award For Hema Bharali

"Every individual must work towards amity and promotion of peace" 

Sebi Probe: Move On To Tackle Systemic Issues

The demat scam reveals several structural issues that need to be tackled on a war-footing 

Democratic Polls Worry Bengal Reds

In a week that has witnessed needless euphoria over the victory of Maoist-inspired mob power in

the streets of Kathmandu, it may be prudent to celebrate a dramatic but silent victory of Indian

democracy right on our doorstep. 

Taliban Threaten To Kill Engineer

Taliban rebels, who kidnapped Hyderabad-based telecommunications engineer K Suryanarayana on

Friday evening, have communicated through the media that they would kill him if the Indian

government did not announce a decision to withdraw all Indian citizens 

Indian Spies, Soldiers Cross Swords On Kargil

V.P Malik's book provokes renewed debate on pre-war intelligence Unusual decision by the

Intelligence Bureau chief to bypass RAW Pakistani activity misunderstood to represent preparations

for local peak-seizing operations 

U.S. Came Close To Declaring Pakistan A "Terrorist" State In 1992

Letter blamed Islamabad for supporting militants in India Letter talked of the complicity of ISI and

Army in training terrorists Pakistan warned that it would be listed among State sponsors of terrorism

A meeting in 1992 resolved to further . . . 

Is 'Euston-Ism' The New Left In The U.K.?

The only Left bit of the "Euston Manifesto" is its faintly Left jargon. On the other hand, there is a lot

in it that neo-conservatives are more likely to find to their taste. 

With A Plot From Bangladesh

Investigation into the Varanasi bombings leads to the fact of Bangladesh's emergence as a base for

Islamist terrorism. 

Puppet Masters

Investigation into the Varanasi bombings leads to the fact of Bangladesh's emergence as a base for

Islamist terrorism. 

Caught In A Trap Of Its Own Making

Facing bitter electoral competition in three Assembly by-elections in the Kashmir Valley, the PDP flew

Islamist colours, borrowing from tactics used by Sheikh Abdullah in 1977. This time around, the trick

hasn't worked. 

Home Is Where The Heart Is?

Sonia Gandhi remains an Italian subject in personal law and an Indian in public law, says S


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