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Friday, April 28, 2006

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From April 22 , 2006 to April 28, 2006

This Spice Is A Hot Little Number

Cloves have high nutritional and medicinal value 

Troubled Neighbourhood

A volatile neighbourhood will have serious implications for Indiaís quest for stability and economic


Durand Line: Turning The Great Game On Its Head

As British and other Western troops pour into Afghanistan to assist the Hamid Karzai government

defend itself against a resurgent Taliban and the al Qaida along the Durand Line, the Great Game is

being turned on its head. 

India Not For Use Of Force Against Iran

"It can only exacerbate tensions in the region " Values civilisational ties with Teheran Issues should

be resolved through dialogue IAEA report to Security Council due on April 28 

A Lethal Mix Of Race And Rage

The anti-immigrant British National Party is now being seen as a potential option by white working

class voters disillusioned with mainstream parties. 

Not The Road To Shangri-La

CAPITAL ACCOUNT CONVERTIBILITY In recent years there has been no instance of a country opting

for capital account convertibility on its own or at the instance of the IMF. There is the larger

perception that not every country lifting controls . . . 

The Dark Holds No Terrors

A mechanical engineer turned wildlife photographer, D.K. Bhaskar is the only Indian who's camera

trapped the dark forests of the Amazon 

Happy Twosome

Let's straddle languages and cultures with pride, says English-Marathi writer Kiran Nagarkar 

A New Theory To Sustain The Bull Market

Beliefs about property-based evaluations powering the market are worrisome and require scrutiny 

Bush Says Blair Had Option To Withdraw From Iraq Invasion

British Premier insisted he would not abandon ally 

Behind The Market Madness And Rpl Issue

Are we in the middle of a stock bubble? 

Varanasi And The Puppet Masters Of Terror

Investigation into the Varanasi bombings has led to the Harkat ul-Jihad Islami, accentuating

concerns about the emergence of Bangladesh as a base for Islamist terror groups. 

Now, DoníT Lose The Plot

In a week full of really spectacular news on the infrastructure front ó the resolution of the Narmada

fasts, the clearance of the . . . 

No Banquet For Hu

Diplomatic protocol that so obsesses foreign offices around the world has political meaning only

when it is broken consciously or disrupted by unanticipated acts. 

Horrors That DoníT Go Away

When I am in Mumbai I stay on Marine Drive and happened to be there last Monday when the chief

minister and other dignitaries gathered to launch the 130 crore scheme that will hopefully turn

this cityís most famous road into the magnificent promena 

Ashes To Ashes

Javedís death should not go waste and should be a reminder to society 

Byword For Disruption

This is the strangest assembly election ever experienced in West Bengal.The Election Commission

guidelines have drained this festival of democracy of colour and the usual carnival atmosphere.

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