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Friday, April 21, 2006

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From April 15 ,2006 to April 21, 2006

"Gandhi Promoted Republican Understanding Of Development"

Gandhians are an endangered species today, says Baxi 

Building Bridges With Myanmar

India's determination to follow an independent policy on issues of its national security was clearly

manifested when President APJ Abdul Kalam undertook a State visit to Myanmar within a week of the

visit of President George Bush to India. 

Myanmar Deserves Attention

India’s determination to follow an independent policy on issues of national security was amply

demonstrated by the visit of President Abdul Kalam to Myanmar within a week of the visit of

President George Bush to India. 

Why ‘Kashmir Royal’ As Envoy To Nepal Is Not A Good Idea

At a moment when Nepal needs political surgery, Karan Singh, the Indian special envoy to the

Himalayan Kingdom, appears to have landed in Kathmandu with a band-aid. 

India A Different Proposition: Blair

Prime Minister Tony Blair on Wednesday rejected attempts to draw parallels between India and Iran

over the nuclear issue, and said that India was a "`very, very different proposition.'' 

The Next Steps To Peace

The dialogue process is reaching an impasse. Should India now resort to a grand gesture, or take

gradated steps to sustain it? 

Desperately Seeking Manmohan

The Supreme Court has played the leadership role in defusing the situation over the Narmada conflict

by finding a way out of the impasse.

Please, Sir, Can We Bully You?

Every morning when David Griffin (not his real name) sets out for his school, he is filled with dread as

to what might lie in store for him. But then, you might ask, what is new about it? "Children always

hate to go to school. Don't they?" 

"The Sky Is The Limit For Indo-German Relationship"

Bernd Mutzelburgis Germany's new envoy in India. In an interview toThe Hindu, the Ambassador, a

former foreign and security policy adviser to the German Chancellor, spoke on a range of issues,

including Berlin's attitude towards the Indo-U.S. . . . 

Karan Singh Going On Nepal Mission

New Delhi concerned at situation in Kingdom Situation impacted directly on India's security India

would be happy to facilitate a solution 

Serious Threat To Pakistan's Civil Society

Last week's terror bombing in Karachi points to one of the least-examined faultlines in Pakistan: the

war for power between Barelvi and Deobandi clerics. 

‘If There Were 10 Times More Iits Or Iims, There Will Be Opportunity . . .

Is reservation the way ahead for India in its quest for the twin goals of development and social

equality? Former managing director of McKinsey and a founding father of Hyderabad’s Indian School

of Business, Rajat Gupta, shares his views . . . 

Observer Status For U.S., South Korea In Saarc

Foreign Ministers to approve modalities SAARC leaders permitted China, Japan to be observers last

year Observers will be given access to only open meets of SAARC U.S., South Korea can be

observers only at the 2008 summit 

Where Is The Justice After Never-Ending Trials?

A fast-track court at Jaipur hands out a guilty verdict in the rape of a German girl in exactly 26


Not Being In Sync With The Times

The protests against Mandal II as Arjun Singh’s scheme has come to be known come as yet another

example of how we the people of India have left the political class behind 

When All Hell Broke Loose

Brand Bangalore is in jeopardy – the police failed to protect citizens, and the government machinery

collapsed on Wednesday and Thursday 

Office Of Profit And Disqualification

The courts give varying interpretations depending upon the facts of each case. The best course

appears to be to refer the matter to a Parliamentary Joint Committee to determine which of the

offices would attract disqualification. 

Gyanendra’S Time Is Up

That he has managed to get Marxist leader Sitaram Yechury, former National Security Adviser

Brajesh Mishra and US President George W. Bush on the same side of the debate on Nepal reveals all

you need to know about King Gyanendra’s ham-handed power . . . 

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