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Friday, April 14, 2006

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From April 08 ,2006 to April 14, 2006

India Needs A Deterrent

Former senator Sam Nunn has given nuclear ayatollahs something to cheer about. 

The Great Transformation

The author is professor of international relations and global politics, Delhi University 

India Needs A Deterrent

Former senator Sam Nunn has given nuclear ayatollahs something to cheer about. 

A Metaphor Of India

Raghav FM Mansoorpur l is a radio station which used to beam Bhojpuri and filmi songs, give

community news and advice on all sorts of things, including AIDS and polio. It was started by

Raghav Mahto, a 22-year-old mechanic in Mansoorpur, Bihar. 

Great Rip-Off In Name Of Development

Why do we Indians find it so difficult to believe that foreigners are waiting to pour billions of dollars

into India and are unable to digest the claim that a Sensex of 11,900 is based purely on


Beyond Borders

Extraterritorial interests of Indian Muslims have recently been in focus. In this context the

authorship and words of the anthem of Aligarh Muslim University written in the thirties by Urdu poet

Majaz, Javed Akhtar's maternal uncle, may provide some clues 

Rape Ė This Is Beyond Sick

In recent years I have spent a considerable amount of time in Mumbai. When I am in this city I live

on Marine Drive within spitting distance of the spot where Sunil More raped his 16-year-old victim

last year. 

Long Live Our Dead Ghosts

Arjun Singh, we are told by his fans in the Congress, possesses one sharp political brain. L.K. Advani,

his disciples in the BJP would tell you, is a genuinely creative political strategist. 

HuíS Eight Commandments

After Hu Jintao, the President of China and Chairman of the CPC, issued a set of eight doís and eight

doníts to improve the moral standards of Chinese people, the party has gone into an overdrive. 

Rice Rebuts Critics On The Hill, Point By Point

Slicing through layers of informed American scepticism, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has

made the strongest pitch so far on why the nuclear deal with India needed to be signed by

Washington in Washington 

Of Ur, Office Of Profit And English

Dr U R Ananthamurthyís presence is needed to create an awareness about the importance of English 

Remembering Thimayya

Gen Thimayya gained international stature through his association with the UN and thereby helped

to shape the image of the country abroad. 

The Politics Of Sacrifice

Why Sonia Gandhi can get away with her grand-standing 

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