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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


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From December 21, 2006  to December 27, 2006

Inspiring Biography

Varghese kurien built India's best-known cooperative and created a popular brand name.

Heroic Women

It is astonishing that a translation published nearly 45 years ago has endured so well, the Tamil diction remaining as fresh and contemporaneous as ever.

Urban Public Health

Account of a public health initiative to link the global with the local.


Authors and publishers are welcome to send copies of their books to The Hindu for review.

Handbook For A Balanced Approach To Life

This publication gives the Bhagavad Gita text in English and a simple English translation. A brief summary of the text has been given at the beginning.

Economy And Environment

The World Commission on Environment and Development (the Brundtland Commission), in its book, Our Common Future (1987), articulated the concept of sustainable development.

Cross-Border Affinities

Elaborates on the ideals of Asia catalysed by the meeting of Tagore and Tenshin in 1902 .

Take It From An Iitian!

Geeta Abraham Jose on her debut book "By The River Pampa I Stood".

Prodigious Composer

Annamayya (1408-1503 A.D.) composed 32,000 songs and about 14,000 of them are available inscribed on copper plates and kept locked inside a small room in the temple premises of Tirumala.

Altering History

A thoroughly researched account of Nixon's masterly venture to seek rapprochement with China.

Madras To Chennai

The book attempts to provide a complete perspective of the city, its people, its culture and its literature.

Politics Of 'Hauntology'

A new study shows how Jacques Derrida taught the political and theoretical Left to reread Marx.

Kashmir: Blunders Of The Past

A volume of letters exchanged between Jawaharlal Nehru and Karan Singh shows up the latter's parochial commitments.

Print Pick

A fast-paced life, increasing stress, polluted environs and lack of leisure time are al common causes of ill-health in today's world.

Book Release And Film Screening

As part of the inaugural ceremony of the Kannada Films Retrospective of the Suchitra Bengalooru International Film Festival, filmmaker Shyam Benegal will release the book . . .

Scraps Of A Sinking Ship

With the release of Ian Cardozo's The Sinking of INS Khukri, many poignant moments come alive, but not without hinting at negligence at several levels.

Take It From An Iitian!

Unaccustomed to camera and attention, author Geeta Abraham Jose reveals the background of her book to NANDINI NAIR . . . . .

Roots Of Csr

In a free society, there is `one and only one social responsibility of business,' wrote Milton Friedman in The New York Times Magazine, on September 13, 1970, citing from his book `Capitalism and Freedom.' What's that responsibility?

Traditional Christmas?

Four books suggest that ‘Britishness’ is about as real as Santa Claus, says Rafael Behr.. . .

Of Karma And Rebirth

This is a startling course in folkloric Theravada Buddhism.

Silver Linings All

Here are 18 stories that loudly proclaim the power of the Tamil film industry over the mind of the old and the young.

Book Rack

Golden Trees, Greenspaces and Urban Forestry; S G Neginhal (S G Neginhal, 2006, pp 342, Rs 750) The book presents a spectrum of information about the morphology and aesthetics of 142 trees, their flowering seasons, various utilities, medicinal . . . . .

Elemental Quest

In this compilation of Tagore’s essays his mastery comes to play conveying what cannot be told.

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