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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

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From December 14, 2006  to December 20, 2006

Enlightenment And Modernity

A retrospect after two centuries of Immanuel Kant on his philosophy in a world disenchanted with modernity.

Spiritual Biography

Sringeri Bharati - Kanchi Saraswathi; by: Visakha; Published by: Saadhana Grandha Mandali,Tenali. Rs. 80.

Canonical Work

Thiruvachakam IS included in the Thirumurai literature ( Saiva canon) as the 8th one which is the revelation of Saint Manickavachakar.

An Indigenous Sporting Tradition

That Indian cricket is steeped in tradition is certain; whether we are acquainted with its past and its sociological context, less so.

A Phenomenon In Outsourcing

Steve Hamm was specially sent by Business Week, USA to India, to study the story of Wipro, one of the big three that spawned the phenomenon of outsourcing of computer-based services over the past two decades, the other two being Infosys and TCS.

The Asian Renaissance

Examines the ascent of Asia by focussing on its three main powers China, India and Japan.

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The Female Psyche

WHAT HAPPENS when a girl child does not get parental love and care? She turns rebellious and socially aberrant. Manasi, the main character of this novel, loses her uncaring parents in childhood and is brought up by her . . .

When Nuclear Physicists Talked Economics

Two things that can frighten most people are nukes and economics. But, brace up, here is a book in which nuclear physicists talk economics... "Successful or not, we all go to various markets and participate in their activities. Yet, so little is . ..

Precisely, Shama

Precise, ironic, engaging. A stylist who could unravel a whole tangle of relationships with a telling phrase, the complex world of traditions and incoherent modernity through a tiny gesture.

The Gentle Art Of Statecraft

Political savvy may not be seen as Manmohan Singh's forte, but read his speeches, you see a political man.

Peek At The Indian Diaspora

Of two reference books on the Indian Diaspora and art . . .

The Vanishing Manuscript

With machines ruling the roost, has the image of the writer fretting with pen and paper become passe?

Ant Thereby Hangs A Tale

The handbook on the ants of south India by Ajay Narendra and Sunil Kumar M. presents hard facts about these tiny creatures in a simple way.

Journey To Fame

M.K. Ramachandran won the State Sahitya Akademi award in 2005 for his first book `Uttarakhandilude Kailas Mansarovar Yatra.'

Looking At The Past With New Eyes

From colonialism to biography one interesting reads in Kannada...


It is no easy task for the Indian manager to survive and prosper in this scenario of intense competition.

Threading Kabir

The book, `Kabir - The Weaver Poet' will get you to rethink life, says the author.

For Whom The Story Mattered

Penguin India and Ravi Dayal Publishers bring out a collection of books by Shama Futehally.

Frauds In Those Good Old Days

Amiya Kumar Bagchi, director of the Institute of Development Studies, Kolkata, wrote the history of State Bank of India a decade ago.

Secularism, Science And The Right

The book seeks to expose the fundamentalist agenda of the religious Right in India and the U.S.

The Warp And Weft Of Kabir's Life

Jaya Madhavan's "Kabir - The Weaver Poet"

Iraq & Crime

A scholarly analysis of the role of the United Nations in Iraq over the past 25 years.

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