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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

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From November 23, 2006  to November 29, 2006

On A Lyrical Planet

Death and dereliction mark most of Doshi's poems but what remains is not the dead weight of despair so much as the luminous lines her flame-tipped poet's pen conjures.

The Ants Write Their Own Script

Did Partition's onus rest only on its grand players or did the untold story lie outside conference chambers?

We Can Tax All Of The People All Of The Time!

With the Budget not too far away, it may be apt to study James Mirrlees' Welfare, Incentives, and Taxation. Inputs on free trade are to be had from Deepak Lal's Reviving the Invisible Hand, while Follow the other Hand by Andy Coh en uses magic . . .

Neighbouring Countries

There IS a human tendency to know about our neighbours; this may be even from the primitive days. In this book `Aswasthamaya Ayalrajyankal' which means `Disquiet (or disturbed) neighbouring countries', Yunnus Kunju sincerely attempts to know about . . .

Short Stories In Translation

Sudha Murthy's juvenile books (2) in English translated into Tamil by Subra. Balan; Vanathi Pathippagam, 23, Deenadayalu Street, T. Nagar, Chennai-600017. Rs. 70.

Trade And Development

The world trading system and the role it plays in international relations.

Versatile Urdu Poet

Wali's place in Urdu poetry is similar to that of Chaucer in English.

Sufi Mysticism

The actual text of the subject covers only a hundred pages in this well-produced book.

Societal Fault Lines

Kannupillai's sociological study of communal violence in Gujarat is a valuable document that merits serious attention. Communal conflicts militate against constitutional injunctions to promote harmony and a spirit of common brotherhood and for . . .

The State From Below

Accessible human stories providing excellent contemporary accounts of the state.

Frankensteins At Large

G.B. Prabhath co-founder of IT giant Satyam Computers, talks about the alienation of technology in his novel Eimona. For him, it is a very thin line between being and not being there . . .

Abounding In Hidden Dangers...

The title of the book is meant to be symbolic, but the symbol that emerges is quite the contrary.

Mission Atwood

This book attempts to study the work of Margaret Atwood. While it may not satisfy her more exacting readers, beginners will find the contents useful.

Easy Come Easy Go

This book of short stories is told in a simple style which also reflects the simplicity of its protagonists.

On Life’s ‘Twists’ And ‘Turns’

Dancing apart, the book sends out a strong, inspirational message.

The Diary Of An ‘Alchemist’

What makes Paulo Coelho’s writing special is his ability to light the same light that illuminates his soul, in a reader’s heart.


The story of the world's great mosques is intrinsically related to the story and spread of Islam in the world.

The U.N.'S Future

A timely monograph discusses the evolution and role of the office of the U.N. Secretary-General.

Peopling History

A lively and insightful history of early India from the margins whose merit lies in the creative analysis of early Indian literature.


The volume explores the options civil society and the individual have within today's political culture, offering a strong critique of the prevailing model of modernity in developed countries - one that is being exported and imposed on the rest of . . .

Holding Up The Mirror

Two Mirrors at the Ashram hits the racks. 

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