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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

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From November 09, 2006  to November 15, 2006

Reporting Oil Reserves Is A Political Act

The potential rewards for the savvy energy investor are huge even as an überspike in oil prices looms large, assures George Orwel in Black Gold. Matthew R. Simmons takes a grimmer view in Twilight in the Desert, in which he talks about `the coming . . .

Timeless Literature

Though an egalitarian society is the aspiration of many over the ages, women had seen much subordination and subjugation, and many a time, . . . .


Authors and publishers are welcome to send copies of their books to The Hindu for review.

Colossus Of Carnatic Music

Shankar Venkatraman; Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Foundation, 7/4, Bhujanga Rao Street, Chennai-600015.

Slice Of History

Study of the Marwar region, its Rathor rulers and their subjects.

Of Name And Form

This book contains 34 paintings by the artist, Arpana Caur and 34 short poems by Shailendra Gulhati. The authors claim that the book is a `jugalbandi' of name and form, in which the artist and the poet celebrate God's creation together.

Lesser Known Vedic Tradition

This book is a recent addition to the literature on the Vedas in English. Designed as a translation of the Samhita portion of the Atharva Veda, the book hopes to put across the rich heritage of the Vedas to modern man showing their relevance and . . .

Interfaces Of Knowledge

Considering its integral approach to human knowledge, this book is highly informative, historical, and analytical.

Beating A Retreat

Account of the disastrous policy followed by the Bush presidency in respect of Iraq.

The Power To Charm And Cure

Diogo Mesana Fernandes's book on Master Hypnotist Abbe Faria is a complete biography of the fascinating man.

The Power To Charm And Cure

"Abbe Faria, The Master Hypnotist who Charmed Napoleon" commemorates the 250th anniversary of the Father of Hypnotism. . . . .


The anthology features the work of 79 outstanding writers from all over the Arab-speaking world.

Book Release

A compilation of articles on the tourist and heritage centres in Madhya Pradesh, Madhyapradesha: Eidu Varsha, Hattu Suttu, is being released by Sumukha Prakashana today.

Campus With Credo

A well researched history of the Jamia Millia Islamia draws on the archives and is illustrated with photographs that evoke a great past.

Caligula & His Horse

Bob Woodword's third book on U.S. President George W. Bush is a desperate attempt to retrieve a lost reputation.

Murky Drama

An insider's account of how the political machinations in South Africa impacted on the author and her family.

Lessons From The Epic

Vasu Dasa Swamy's `Sundarakanda' in Telugu lends new fervour to the much-loved episode of the epic.

In The Court Of Bahadur Shah

This is how history should be written, breathing life back into characters long dead and gone.

The Bonfire Of Sanity

Disregards the art, and sullen craft, which make a novel tick. The trouble with this book is too much tell and too little experience—it can only be endured in blind faith.

Print Pick

On the ghats of Kashi, the most ancient of cities, a woman confronts memories that have pursued her through birth and rebirth.

Join Dots

Kashmir has always been the most contentious issue between India and Pakistan since Independence.

Steel Man's Human Touch

"Forever Jeh" is a compilation of interactions people had with JRD Tata .  

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