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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

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From October 19 , 2006  to October 25, 2006

Just In Genes

Namrita Bachchan speaks on `Deliverance' a `gift book', where word and image combine I picked up a lot of the symbolism I saw around me.

Development Discourse

Essays critically looking at the different dimensions of recent developments in India.

Print Pick

On and off the campus of Chennai University, you will encounter onion-and-garlic-free TamBrahms who rewrite Shakespeare to uphold the Hindu order, smug NRIs who call the shots in matrimonials, visiting Canadians who are aghast at the plight of . . .

Literary Genius

The penetrating gaze of Sarath from the front cover catches one's attention at once. Sarathchandra Chattopadhyaya (1876-1938) is the only writer who achieved popularity in many regional languages through spontaneous and direct translations and also . . .

Social Novel

Meditations on the causes of the evils in society have yielded this semi-autobiographical novel.

The Reservation Debate

Analysis of facts, figures, statements and judgments on reservation.

Commentary On A Philosophical Hymn

One of the brightest luminaries in the firmament of Vaishnavism is Parasara Bhattar (12th Century A.D).

Can Ceos Make The Business Of The Nation Their Own?

The 20 essays in India's Economy broadly cover growth, poverty and reforms; globalisation; and sectoral development, raising important issues and stressing the importance of doing vis--vis planning.

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