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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

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From September 28 , 2006  to October 11, 2006

A Close Look At A Legend

"Forever Jeh" carries interviews of people associated with JRD Tata.

Print Pick

The first thing I did with Sacred Games was cut it in two, so that I could carry one half of its 900 - page hardboundedness with me to read on the ride to and from work, or lying in bed, or leaning against a wall.

Doing The Write Thing

Kommuri Venugopala Rao was a sentinel of sentimental fiction in Telugu. His soft narration and vibrant themes made him a popular novelist, recollects senior journalist VEERAJI.

Work Is About Creativity

Creativity is about breaking patterns. The book `Creativity@ Work' explains how to do this. Going by the author's profile (S. Ramachander is a product of IIM, Ahmedabad and was former director at the Institute for Financial Management and Research . . .

Translation Is About Sensitivity

Is a translator like a transparent window, tinted window or a mirror? Lakshmi Holmstrom, acclaimed U.K.-based translator, has the answer.

Past Perfect

Shikara Shinaganapracha Shambhu Mahadeva, which traces Shivaji's origins, is presented in an abridged version in Kannada'.

Story Of A Failed State

The world had not taken much notice of Bangladesh since the birth of the new nation in 1971.

Search Behind The Screen

Tracking the figure of the woman through the disregarded paths and by-alleys of the East India Company’s official records is a sleuthing exercise that promises few rewards.

Tailored Truths

General Pervez Musharraf has not got his autobiography ghost-written for posterity. It is meant for a specific contemporary audience in the United States of America and in the West.

Tea Anytime

A coffee table book on the story of tea in India.

Stories Of Grit And Gumption

The book highlights individuals, often ignored in studies of the violence in Assam.

Not In The Holmes League

Saradindu Bandyopadhyay's detective stories may seem tame, even naïve, to those familiar with other such stories.

Afterlife Of Sherlock Holmes

Both the books are playful and ingenuous pastiches, recreating familiar voices from the past.

Retelling Culture

The retold narratives here, through Eraly's interventions, serve at once revivalist and revisionist purposes.

Of Women's Lives

These stories show and hide at the same time, clear and yet ambiguous.

Print Pick

The first thing I did with Sacred Games was cut it in two, so that I could carry one half of its 900 - page hardboundedness with me to read on the ride to and from work, or lying in bed, or leaning against a wall.

Katha As Drama

Sharman's "Ramayana" goes to the heart of the epic to recover great questions of contemporary relevance.

The Bane Of Indian Society

Noted social historian Dilip M. Menon endorses in his introduction a pertinent question often raised by many India watchers and also echoed by Dalit activists: how is it that caste-related violence . . .

Good, Not Great

Drizzle of yesteryears and other stories; M K Ajay, Frog Books, 2006, pp 113, Rs 195.

For The Sheer Love Of Art Alone

Two immensely readable books address a range of art-related issues.

An Outsider’s View

This book is almost entirely based on the musings of the protagonist, 24-year-old Partha Sarma who is the quintessential ‘outsider’.

Exploring Language

There’s something in Hoskote’s poetry, not only for many sensibilities, but for many moods.

When The Enemy Lies West

Pankaj Mishra dredges up gigantic civilisations locking horns with the West in his ‘angry’ book.

An `Alternative History'

A fervent plea to freedom-loving people to reject the logic of armed, competitive capitalism.

Continuity In Change

If anything epitomises continuity in change in the capital, it is the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Literary Classic

Translation of the Kannada original poem of K. V. Puttappa into Sanskrit Verse by C. G. Purushottama. Pub.by Lakshmi Prakashana, 273, 3rd `A' Main, 8th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore-560095. Rs. 250.

Temples In And Around Chennai

Hnduism attaches great importance to idol worship for practical observance, especially Vaishnavism which, systematically ratiocinates to the effect that Archa (a material image, an icon in stone, wood, or metal , commonly worshipped with great . . .

Culture And The Past

Presents aspects of ethnography advocating their use in archaeology.


Authors and publishers are welcome to send copies of their books to The Hindu for review.

Tragedy Of Women

Aconversation-gripped novel that seeks to give a complete view of Islamic existence in contemporary Tamil Nadu, Irandaam Jaamangalin Kathai has chipped a crevice to allow some fresh breeze into a psychological cellar.

Lives In Search Of Lost Worlds

The Inheritance of Loss is written with joy, compassion and a rare candour.

What's Faith Got To Do With It?

A big book, but can't get the incredulity. Is it really so strange that India should prosper or succeed?

Opening A Dialogue

Shashi Deshpande's translation of her father Shriranga's memoirs is an important bridge across languages.

Offguard General

The President of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf, has got into a problem with his defenders and detractors alike by ignoring, while writing his book, In the Line of Fire, an unwritten but essential convention observed by smart authors.

The Business Of War

 In mid-May, 1999, the Indian Army discovered that a large number of infiltrators had seeped into India’s side of the border from Pakistan.

Chronicles Of A Patriot

The world of covert intelligence is John le Carré’s natural terrain. He returns to it in his latest novel through a different route and in a different manner.

Tangerine Tales In Marmalade Prose

Julia Glass’s second novel is strikingly similar to her first, Three Junes. Both are set in the West Village of New York (“a city of freely eccentric people”) and tell remarkably similar stories about parenthood, sexuality and human relationships.

From Idea To Image On Paper

Closer to the master (The British Museum Press, £25) by Hugo Chapman was written to accompany a major exhibition of the work of Il Divino as draughtsman.  

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