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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

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From September 07 , 2006  to September 13, 2006

Identity Crisis

Existential dilemma haunts a girl, picked up and raised by a childless couple. The apparently simple story has dimensions of the sufferings of pretty girls in society and destruction of their individuality. The theme is universal: that oppressed . . .

Stories With A Rural Flavour

This inspiring collection of stories delineating its characters from a rural background, speaks in earthy tones through the voices of those who depend on land and the vagaries of nature giving either misery or bounty.

Temples In Thevaram

This book provides optimum guidance to the mode of worship in Siva temples besides the list of works in the Saiva canonical literature, list of temples region-wise covered under the Thevaram hymns and the table of the temples in the `Thondai mandalam'.

A Matter Of Identity

Reflective and impressionistic writings on the changing character of the metropolis.

Social Work In Global Perspective

Coauthored by professionals who have had ample and rich experience in dealing with people from countries other than their own their writing has a ring of authenticity and authority.

A Social Institution In Transition

The home is generally a sanctuary and a place of healing. It can also easily turn into a place of strife and conflict. As long as the status quo is maintained, there are no tensions. But as more and more women seek jobs outside the family, the . . .

Love, Not Just Passion

Wright's account of his time in a land he obviously loves, and doing something that had its moments, both sublime and exasperating.

The Bile Also Laughs

Showcases the finest of this most discussed and criticised political cartoonist.

Mr Wright, Never In From The Cold

He was the first foreign coach of the Indian cricket team, and is credited with its amazing transformation.

Apocalypse Now

Eimona is Anomie spelt backwards. Anomie is what GB Prabhat’s second novel all about. Anomie is a condition or malaise in individuals, characterised by an absence or diminution of standards or values.

Epic Haste

If there is one word that can synopsise King of Ayodhya, it is “but”. The first of this six-part series began well — fresh, energetic, imaginative.

A Lifelong Revolutionary

It’s strange to contemplate how distant we have become from a country such as Egypt. Even Cairo — that once lively capital of intrigue and adventure, burnished by Francophile longings and Nasserite glory in the after-glow of empire — has now become . . .

Light And Shade

If it took considerable energy to compile this volume, it also requires stamina to read it through.

Popular Films And Culture

The six essays in the book, including the introductory chapter, are an effort to look at primarily mainstream Hindi cinema and some regional cinema of the same mode from the viewpoint of their being social reflectors.

A Whimsical Collection

This extract from a short story published in the New Yorker, ‘The Last Days Of Muhammad Atta’, by Martin Amis, is part of his new book, ‘The House of Meetings’.

In The Mind Of Atta

This extract from a short story published in the New Yorker, ‘The Last Days Of Muhammad Atta’, by Martin Amis, is part of his new book, ‘The House of Meetings’.

From `Absolute Advantage' To `Yunus, Muhammad'

The pillars of globalisation include `the free cross-border movements of goods and services, foreign direct investment, financial capital, labour and technology.' At a broader level, globalisation `also embraces international flows of ideas, . . .

Not Out Of Joint

It says much for the sense of propriety that inspires The Times that in 1990 it deleted from the obituary of a gardening journalist called Peter Coats the suggestion that as ADC in Delhi to Lord Wavell he had been the viceroy’s gay lover.

Nation In The Making

The Indian educated classes have emphasized, since the Nehru era, that the ideology of the state is both secular and national.

A Few More Myths Cracked

To the post 9/11 Western world, Islam has almost become synonymous with terrorism.

Fighting The Fighters

The bombing of World Trade Center transformed the thinking about warfare among American security analysts in particular and Western theoreticians in general. Michael C. Fowler, a defence analyst of the Roger Williams University, portrays the . . .

Listen To The Voice Within

Developments in print and communications technology have led to a vast expansion and diversification of media outlets —newspapers, magazines, television channels, radio stations and so on.

Write To Win

Accountants and lawyers often compete in the same professional space. One example is appellate work. To help, here is the second edition of The Winning Brief, by Bryan A. Garner, with `100 tips for persuasive briefing in trial and appellate . . .

Book Rack

The book for every English-Speaking Indian; Jyoti Sanyal (Viva Books, 2006, pp 394, Rs 295) Clumsy Victorian English hangs like a dead albatross around each educated Indian’s neck.

Blundering Through Life

In Clueless & Co by Pratik Basu, the protagonist goes through his experiences clueless about what is happening with him. Clueless & Co is a story of two lead characters:

Lesser Known Tales

A must read Partition memoir that focuses on women who bore the brunt of separation on both sides.

More To Maximum City

In his latest offering, Chandra takes the enigma of Bombay to a new unparalleled high. He resorts to every cliché that defines the metropolis and gives all of them captivating and compelling new dimensions.  

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