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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

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From August 30 , 2006  to September 06, 2006


by P.C. Alexander, Translated by Pala SK. Nair, Current Books, Round West, Kottayam-686001. Rs. 240. 

Humorous Essays

This book, a collection of eight humorous essays, reflects different faces of the people all viewed in a lighter vein, but most of them have an insight of biting satire with thought-provoking statements. 

Pilgrim Centres

Part I: Mahadevan Sankaranarayanan; Copies can be had from the author, Plot No. 460, 24th Street, Ashtalakshmi Nagar, Alapakkam, Chennai-600016. Rs. 450. 

Sociological Perspective Of Public Health

Two related books examining the sociology and history of disease, and public health.

A Way Forward For Higher Education

After the introduction of neo-liberal reforms, various sectors of the economy have grown at a rapid pace, generating great demand for trained manpower. 

The Reforms Experience

This is a clearly written and well-argued book, with a section at the end of each chapter summarising the involved arguments, a rare and welcome feature. 

Diplomacy And Development

Exploration of the symbiotic relationship between economic policy and foreign policy . 

Our Lady Of Jhansi

While it rescues Lakshmi Bai from the conjoined yokes of rebel-patriot, her true metier will only emerge when the gadar is studied as an event in its own right, not as a prologue to the glorious march of Indian nationalism. 

Singing The Song Of Gaitonde

For your money, this is the great Bombay book of the last decade: it explains your loyalty to the city. 

War Tactics For The Markets

Daryl Guppy offers The 36 Strategies of the Chinese for Financial Traders to help overcome your two biggest enemies in the markets. Vijay Singal provides tips on `stock market anomalies and low-risk investing' in Beyond the Random Walk. 

I'm British, But...

The book shows what attracts Muslims particularly those who live in Western societies, to a radical Islamic world-view. 

Urdu & Secularism

A clutch of new books focus on the progressive nationalist tradition of Urdu poetry. 

Tales The Dead Tell

The book under review goes beyond headstones; it is an invaluable source of historical information accessible to scholars. 

A Comprehensive Overview

Some interesting reads in Kannada... 

On A Mole's Trail

Accountants know well about intangible assets and secret reserves. Here is Secret Asset by Stella Rimington, from Hutchinson (www.randomhouse.co.uk). A thriller that takes the reader `into a world where no-one can be trusted and nothing is what is seems.' 

Speaking Of Urdu

Excluded from school curricula, Urduís growth as a functional language ceased. 

I Say, Three Cheers For Ayaan

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Muslim by birth, is a daring woman. She has dared to raise questions despite knowing that a Mussalman is prohibited from raising any question on Islam. 

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