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Wednesday, August 29, 2006

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From August 24 , 2006  to August 29, 2006

Historic Investigation Of An Assassination

It is now more than 15 years since Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated under very tragic and dastardly circumstances at Sriperambudur, about 40 km from Chennai. 

Negotiating With Subjectivity

One of the major tasks of philosophy is to understand the role of the individual and the relationship between the individual and others, as well as with the world. 

Delivery Of Public Services

Case studies prepared for a World Bank report on the improvements in public service delivery in India. 

Propagation Of Tamil

Membaadu + Payanpaadu = Valarchi: V.C. Kulandaiswamy, Bharathi Pathippagam, 126/108, Usman Road, T. Nagar, Chennai-600017. Rs. 190. 

Jiddu Krishnamurti On Education

Jiddu krishnamurti the renowned thinker said, "The highest function of education is to bring about an integrated individual who is capable of dealing with life as a whole." 

Capitalism With A Human Face

An account of modern economic policy from a classical liberal perspective — a contribution to the globalisation debate . 

Saga Of Oppression

This novel deals with the history of the pathetically downtrodden Pulayas of north Malabar. 

The Real Price Of Freedom

The book takes a closer look at severed bonds during Partition and the logic behind the carnage. 

A ‘Class’ Apart

Anecdotes and a richly personal style make the intimidating subject of classical music less daunting. 

So Wide, You Can’t Get Around It...

Mike Marqusee delves into an inspired Bob Dylan encyclopaedia. 

Indian Fairy Tales

Stories filled with libidinally flightful myths, anally fixated metaphors and scatological excesses, but are a toast to literature. 

Too Much Light Stops Play

There is too little cricket in the book to warrant the title and the story is part well-told, part under-done. 

Eye Catchers

Benodebehari Mukherjee is one of the most influential and highly regarded artists in the history of

modern Indian art. 

Fresh Print

Three marvelous Tamil writers. And three competent translations from Katha. 

Rubaiyat And Its Expressive Power

At its best, poetry is recapitulated music. In Urdu poetry, the rubaaee is a complete expression of poetic thought dealing with social, philosophical and romantic subjects. It is a four-lined piece where the rhyme of the third line is not in . . . 

Beyond The Violin-Shaped Village...

Shreekumar Varma’s Devil’s Garden is one of those delightful children’s books which will please the adults as well.

Far Away, So Close

At one point in 2002, with the tension between Israel and Palestine at a peak, Palestinian émigré writer Samir El-youssef called up Israeli writer Etgar Keret to talk. 

David As The Goliath

If I had one wish, it’d be to wake up tomorrow really old — twenty — with all my problems behind me.” But life’s just beginning for . . . 

The World Of Those On The Move

The greatest percentage increase in the unauthorised immigrant population to the US between 2000 and 2005 was from India reveals World Migration 2005: Costs and Benefits of International Migration. International Social Work: Issues, Strategies, and Progra 

When Books Become Brands

When all is said and done, Publishers have just one single objective — that the book they have invested on brings in the returns as quickly as possible. 

The Threat To Native Identity

A short poem in Ladera Este, Octavio Paz’s book of poems, speaks of a man who “invented a face

for himself”. 

Arms And The Raj

Britain emerged as the world’s sole superpower during the first half of the 19th century. Despite withdrawals from North America between 1837, the date of Victoria’s accession to the throne, and 1861, the . . . 

Turkish Desires

A dark, handsome and solitary man, physically fit but tragically deprived, a man of simple living and sophisticated pleasures, with an acute mind and a delicate touch in cooking, is an irresistible draw as a detective. 

Lessons From The School

Since the formation of the Muslim Anglo-Oriental College by Syed Ahmad Khan, now known as the Aligarh Muslim University, this educational institution had always been the nerve centre of the Muslims, and of the whole country. 

Find Your Books

Now you don't need to trawl through endless shelves to find buy your books. Oxford Bookstore has launched an interactive SMS service to update booklovers on new releases and bestsellers on their mobile phones. 

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