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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


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From July 03 , 2006  to August 09, 2006

In The Presence Of Greatness

There are, Alberto Manguel writes in this little gem of a book, writers “who attempt to put the

world in a book. 

A River Runs Through It

Geography is the mother of history, more so in the case of military history. Certain regions, owing

to their strategic location, become sites for contest. 

Speaking In A Forked Tongue

As people create language, so the language of a particular community constitutes its identity. 

Quiet Fortitude

There has been a resurgence of interest in the role of women in World War II. One area where

women did contribute in significant numbers . . . 

Nehru's Legacy In Foreign Affairs

The volume contains material that throws light on the culture of prevarication that has marked the

handling of foreign affairs. 

A Garrison State

This history of the Pentagon traces the story of how the United States became besotted with

military power. 

History From Below

In this new book, Howard Zinn seeks to give voices of struggle the place they deserve in history. 

Unmasking Corporate Greed

A well-researched book based on sound archival material, it argues that Enron was a product of

scheming minds. 

Rushdie Vs Greer, Standing Room Only

It began as a territorial dispute between a low-budget film production company and a group of

Bengali traders determined, they said, to protect the reputation of the community living in Britain’s

best-known Asian street. 

Too Much Detail!

The author writes in colloquial ‘gangster rap’ which takes the focus away from the story and

leaves the reader word weary. 

A Lesser Known Mahatma Gandhi

The book demythologises Gandhi and records the gradual emergence of his ideology as he came in

contact with great thinkers of the day. 

A Daughter’S View

Shooting Water; Devyani Saltzman, Penguin Books, 2006, pp 256, Rs 295. 

Crafted With Soul

This novel breaks new ground even though it stays within the confines of a film script. 

Cliches At 22

Terrorist, John Updike’s new novel, is set in a declining factory town in New Jersey ironically

named New Prospect. 

Potpourri Of Thoughts

The Blindness of Insight is an elegantly argued book. It offers a provocative thesis: that communal

violence, especially in northern India, represents a unique resolution of the caste question. 

A Congress Mole In The Bjp?

Jaswant Singh seems to have had the better of the call of BJP culture but gaps remain in his


A Bit Of Galbraith And A Vision In 4-D

The PM's press advisor advocates a marriage between economic and foreign policy, but is anyone


Dalit Autobiography

What does one say of a 25-year-old who attempts an autobiography? That he has not lived long

enough to write the story of his life? The argument does not hold good in the case of Sharankumar

Limbale, the Marathi writer. 

Intelligent Living

Discovering Love, Successful Living: Rs. 225. The above books are authored by Swami Dayananda

Saraswati and published by Arsha Vidya Centre, 32/4, `Srinidhi' Apartments, III Floor, Sir Desika

Road, Mylapore, Chennai-600004. 

Inspiring Lives Of Preceptors And Saints

The first book covers the lives and times of four Acharyas of the Sringeri Sharada Peetham

namely, Sacchidananda Sivabhinava Nrisimha Bharati (33rd), Chandrasekhara Bharati (34th),

Abhinav Vidyathirtha (35th) and the present head Bharati Thirtha by . . . 

Themes In Art And Mysticism

This volume is a tribute to Bettina Baumer, a renowned Indologist, one of the foremost expounders

of Kashmir Saivism and a well-known figure in the field of inter-religious dialogue. 

Privatisation Of Water

Appraisal of the rationale and performance of privatisation of water supply for domestic


Down Memory Lane

Here IS a woman nonpareil going down memory lane. The day is not far off when an interlocutor

will be summoned to highlight her achievements. 

Abridged Mahabharata

This book is an abridged version of the first five Parvas of the Mahabharata in 417 tersely woven


The Indian Outsourcing Saga

Highlights the achievements of pioneers who put India on the world map of BPO 

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