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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

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From July 27 , 2006  to August 02, 2006

Contours Of Modern Terrorism

Terrorism leading to a deterioration of the internal security fabric has been the major security challenge to South Asian states for almost two decades. 

Rig Veda Hymns In Translation

Study of the hymns of the Rig Veda is indispensable for getting an adequate overview of Indian thought. 

Nature Of Economic Change

Economic change is for the most part a deliberate process shaped by the perceptions of the actors .

Ancient Wisdom For Modern Life

Must newspapers that inculcate a scientific spirit and rational outlook among the readers devote space for articles and features of religious import, contemplated a newspaper editor in Telugu for a long time. 

Theology And Philosophy Of Saivism

The kandhpuranam eulogises Lord Muruga's glory besides elucidating the Saiva philosophical doctrines. The entire narration is about divine grace. 

New Drivers Of Economic Growth

Synthesises today's emerging trends to give an overall perspective of how the global economy works. 

No Lolita This

The Nobel Peace prize-winner's memoirs skilfully weave her personal history with the cataclysmic events that have shaped her country. 

Paint Your Landscape

Rather like the city itself, this is a book that is the result of a cultivated eye. And so its readers will have to be drawn from that echelon. 

Much Tut, Tut And A Holding Forth

His social conscience veered towards formula and came peppered with desi gaalis in all their pungency. 

It Ain’T Such A Bad World

The book addresses caste-based inhibitions that still figure in the mindset of people, yet deals with the brighter side of life as well. 

Indian Paper Tigers

The stories in these three books are timeless and have been readers’ favourites for many years. 

Know India Better

Know India Better; Published by One India One People Foundation, Mumbai, R.s 2500. 

The Business Of Diplomacy And The Diplomacy Of Business

"India's real challenge and opportunity remain at home," thinks Sanjaya Baru, media advisor and spokesperson for the Prime Minister, in Strategic Consequences of India's Economic Performance. Ron Suskind in The One Percent Doctrine critiques . . . 

A Crusade For Social Justice

Some interesting reads in Kannada... 

Turning A Reluctant Rebel Into A National Icon

That last quotation might surprise readers of the present book which claims to be a biography of Lakshmi Bai. 

How The East Was Won

The Jungle, the Japanese and the British Commonwealth Armies at War (1941-45): Fighting Methods, Doctrine and Training for Jungle Warfare By T.R. Moreman, Frank Cass, $135.

Mole On The Nose

Jaswant Singh is a gentleman fallen among politicians. We have been waiting for his memoirs ever since a south-east Asian summit when the post-banquet entertainment took the form of a skit that was a witty take-off of Lewis Carroll’s “You are Old . . 

Imperative To Have Independent Auditors

Capitalism at crossroads. Corporate misgovernance in India. Series of scams that shook investor confidence... 

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