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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

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From July 20 , 2006  to July 26, 2006

Literary Crossover
The sacred and the secular form a perfect helix in the best of Indian culture.

Freedom From Fear
Jiddu krishnamurti (JK) as an original philosopher and thinker fascinated traditional and non-traditional thinkers, philosophers, statesmen, scientists, writers, religious and political leaders.

Folk Music Genre
This book is an extensive study on the "Pallu" literature in Tamil written from 17th to 19th centuries. Pallu literature belongs to folk musical plays known as "Pallisai" and has the folk musical forms such as chindu, talattu, and others.

Fallout Of Climate Change
Latest scientific findings on the impact of climate change on biodiversity.

The Reforms Experience
This volume, a befitting honour to C.H.Hanumantha Rao, contains 19 papers of high quality by eminent economists on the broad theme of economic reforms.

Not Exactly Total Recall
Jaswant Singh provides a partial account of a key period in Indian diplomacy.

Prevention Of Heart Ailments
There is no overemphasising the importance of preventing lifestyle-related diseases according to diabetologists and cardiologists.

When The Water Touches The Nose
Environmentalism isn't a luxury of the rich, sure. But when he really had to say why, he loses nerve.

A Passage Thru Jannat
Occasionally the book reads like a catalogue of Kashmiri Muslim rituals from prayer to wazwan, but her compassion shines through. The telling is straightforward, the mode realist and the pace, especially in the last section, swift.

When The Water Touches The Nose
Environmentalism isn't a luxury of the rich, sure. But when he really had to say why, he loses nerve.

Fresh Print
The Oxford India Collection is a series which brings together writings of enduring value published by OUP. The collection has been specially developed to introduce young readers to Premchand, Tagore and Jim Corbett in attractive and contemporary formats.

Get The Kids To Eat Right
A book that offers tips on how to make food interesting for children.

Birth Of A City
A book that urges readers to look at how Bangalore became the `Garden City'.

A Mine Of Information
Recipes to bail you out of sticky situations.

A Compelling Tale
The book unfolds on a grand scale and addresses sensitive issues in a gently ironic fashion.

Traveling With God
The book acts as a travel guide, with a spiritual perspective adding flavour to its content.

Book Rack
Chauri Chaura 1922-1992; Shahid Amin (Penguin, 2006, pp 294, Rs 295) The book reveals the fascinating specificities that comprise the history of ‘Chauri Chaura’.

By Golly! Tintin Is Great Literature...
In unearthing the secrets behind Herge’s comics, Tom McCarthy makes some bold claims, finds Killian Fox.

The Story Of A Gentleman Villain
What can one say about a man who lived in penury till the age of 40 devoting his life to theatre, his greatest love, and then suddenly finding himself in the heady world of cinema as the highest paid character actor for the next 30 years and then as . . .

Was It India’s Ocean?
The phrase ‘‘Aden to Malacca’’ has for long summed up India’s strategic ambitions in the Indian Ocean. The search for primacy, however, has been an elusive one for New Delhi, at least until recently.

A Hand-Made Wonder
Oedipus The King, written, illustrated and produced by Tara Publishing, is a hand-made book. It is a joint publication of Tara and Getty Publications of Malibu, California.

On Books And Bookshops
A good bookshop is the embodiment of a paradox.

At Their Master’s Service
Gandhi’s “experiments with truth”, as Louis Fischer once jovially remarked, can well be called “experiments with food”.

The Grand Life In Art Deco
The grand life in art deco The interesting thing about Bindu . . .

Tales For Sale
About twenty years ago, as Seth Godin walked into a tiny and obscure drugstore in Manhattan called Kiehl’s . . .

In The Heartland Of Terror
Islamabad has become infamous for exporting terrorism. 

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