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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


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From July 13 , 2006  to July 19, 2006


In 2000, a group of ordinary people undertook an extraordinary journey to one of the most isolated parts of the world: Far West Tibet. From Lhasa in the east, they traveled west across the Tibetan plateau on the forgotten Tasam Highway.

Different Faces Of Success

Despite the fact that most serious academic books are commissioned, a large number of unsolicited manuscripts turn up on a variety of subjects.

A Look Into The Anatomy Of Faith And Its Dictates

Kiran Nagarkarís Godís Little Soldier reflects the authorís bewilderment at cataclysmic episodes of violence and their frequent origins in religious bigotry.

The Chalice Of Sports

Why was Lev Yashin considered the finest of goal-tenders? Why does Garrincha still evoke awe and wonder?


Pelť ó at least, the narratorial voice in The Autobiography ó oscillates between self-abnegation and self-glorification.

Behind Mirrored Images

Some interesting reads in Kannada

Book Release

You want to read poetry in prose, catch hold of all those nameless moments that quietly melted into your mundane, middle class existence, Jayant Kaikini, Kannada's short story writer, traps them with his remarkable pen.


In this, the second part of the Inheritance trilogy, Eragon is back with his dragon, Saphira.

The Lady With A Candid Camera

A scholarly coffee-tabler, meticulously tracing the intrepid odyssey of India's first lady. photojournalist.

A Woman's Sight

Sen is praised as a "feminist economist" but it is not very clear what "feminist" actually stands for (except for a general concern with gender issues) and why Sen qualifies.

A Surface Encounter

There is a view, forcefully articulated by a shrinking band of ex-colonials in Londonís gentlemanís clubs, that Calcutta was created and lovingly nurtured by the . . .

When Democracy Died...

The book is a personal journal, recording the Emergency as seen from an insiderís point of view.

Of Gandhian Ideals

...and human relationships that have not really changed much in their essence.

Classic Stories From The ĎPení

This collection of short stories by Yashpal is worth reading and re-reading.

A Crown Full Of Feathers!

The journal of Babur provides an insight into the life of an emperor and doubles as a record of history from the hand that made it!

A Surface Encounter

There is a view, forcefully articulated by a shrinking band of ex-colonials in Londonís gentlemanís clubs, that Calcutta was created and lovingly nurtured by the . . .

Short Stories

The word, so holy, is an apt title for this collection of stories from the physically and socially battered womanhood from Sri Lanka.

Educative In Nature

This book is collection of essays published in the popular weekly "Andhra Jyothi" for three full decades, starting from 1960 to 1990, under the same title "Illali Mucchhatlu".

Thought-Provoking Essays

All the 22 articles in this volume are by those who lived in 20th Century India.

Print Pick

Books at Fabmall.com, new and old.

Overview Of Global Economic Trends

This annual publication of the U.N. gives a good analysis of the current issues and trends in the world economy. According to its latest issue, global economic output has grown at a moderate pace of 3 per cent in 2005 and is projected to grow at . . .

Treatise On Gaudiya Vaishnavism

This book covers a wide range of topics connected with Chaitanya's philosophy namely, Gaudiya Vaishnavism, besides the systems of Ramanuja, Madhva, Nimbarka and Vallabha.

Essays On Gender Issues

A wonderful compilation of Amartya Sen's work

Marx On India Under The British

His essays in The New York Daily Tribune thoroughly expose the hypocrisy of "Free Traders"

Biography Of A Kathak Exponent

A rare biography today that does not have the almost mandatory kicker "authorised biography". To narrate the story of a living persona cannot be easy; with the protagonist breathing down the writer's neck, the tome could well morph into a hagiography.

To Stan, My Once Hero

An unsentimental portrait of life in a time and place that is no more and written much in the style of an elderly man penning captions to the sepia-tinted pictures in his mental album. 

The Cat Who Missed The Cream

Wish she had brought her claws out. Instead the lady's intellectual baggage weighs her book down. 

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