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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

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From June 22, 2006  to June 28, 2006

Freezing The Female Psyche

Reading a novel nearly a quarter century after it was published can be a sobering experience.

Diverse Canvas Of The Land And Its People

A must for understanding the North-Eastern States of India

The Traditional Art Form Of Kerala

This book is a detailed account of the performance of the shadow puppet theatre of Kerala.

India's Tortuous Trail In Telecom Industry

Twenty-five years ago, making a telephone call from a southern state to an upcountry number was

an exercise that could extend beyond one day. One booked a trunk call

Humanising Criminal Investigation

A collection of articles by experts on forensic nursing which is a treat and education by itself

Of A Lonely Life

This is the third novel by the journalist-author, a multi-faceted and humanitarian personality who

always stood for the cause of Malayalis in Delhi, where he worked for half a century.

On Siva And Vishnu

This book, a collection of articles relating to various periods and authors in Tamil literature,

establishes the non-difference between Lord Siva (Mukkannan) and Vishnu (Mukilvannan).

Language Of Haridasa Kirtanas

This book is an analysis of the language used by Haridasas in their compositions. Pioneers in the

propagation of devotional literature, Haridasas used poetry called Kirtanas set to music as their

medium to take the common man to the highest . . .

A Nugget Of Rediscovery

It is the stories where human lives stray plausibly, but irrevocably, into surrealist territory, while

remaining touchingly human, where Sarang is at his most powerful.

Prisoners Of Their Inheritance

No rage, no bullying tone here. Instead this iconoclast explores the pathological reasons for Dalit


A Nugget Of Rediscovery

It is the stories where human lives stray plausibly, but irrevocably, into surrealist territory, while

remaining touchingly human, where Sarang is at his most powerful

Prisoners Of Their Inheritance

Some books are interesting because of their sense of argument, the cogency of the evidence they

give or the new interpretation they bring to light. Some books are not arguments but performances.

Book Rack

The Blindness of Insight— Essays on caste in modern India; Dilip M Menon (Navayana Publishing,

2006, pp 168, Rs 200) Exploring the intimate relation between the discourses of caste, secularism

and communalism.

Knowledge That Does Not Filter

The information in the book has been given by the Saptarshis themselves, which has been

channelled by Krishnananda, founder of the above technique of meditation.

Trapped Butterflies

The book is a mix of many tales that merely scratch the surface of reality and are not really bound

together by cogency or purpose.

Politically Incorrect And Unapologetic

The book’s greatest strengths are in its poetic descriptions, painstaking research and unexpected


No Comic Relief Here

The comic book is re-inventing itself with an imaginative plunge into the big, bad world of the adult.

Jinnah And Haroon

Mohammad Ali Jinnah's papers confirm his reputation as an incorruptible politican.

`She Has Come Alive'

WITH a life committed to social and political activism, why did Mythily Sivaraman, vice-president of

the All India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA), decide to write a biography?

How Grandmonther Found Her Voice

Resurrecting a sepia-tinted era that evokes the eternal, primal human need for self-respect and


A Dinner, A Writer And A Book

The title of this book is both misleading and significant.

Into The Heart Of Terror

In this book, Edna Fernandes argues that development is impossible without education and

opportunities for employment in a pluralistic state like India.

The Other Gods Of The South

Power has alternated in Tamil Nadu for almost forty years between the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam

and the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, two parties that share the same ideological


Images On Water

Across the Mystic Shore can be termed a novel on the nature of love. The lives of the protagonists

become a search to discover whether love necessarily entails the need to possess, whether it is

synonymous with desire or if it is possible to love . . .

My True Name Is A Growl

Horatio finally gets a chance to tell his side of the story in “Horatio’s Version”. Chicken Little

becomes a tale of global warming in “Chicken Little Goes Too Far”.  

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