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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

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A French ship kicks up dust

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From June 01, 2006  to June 07, 2006

Victims Of Exploitation

ANANTAPUR DISTRICT of Rayalaseema is the worst famine-hit region in Andhra Pradesh. Added to this natural misery the exploitation of the downtrodden by landlords in the form of bonded-labour has further worsened the socio-economic condition of the . . .

Contemporary Evils

Vasanthi's new novel has almost all of today's major concerns: serial blasts, terrorists operating under instructions and arms support from ruthless men outside the country, the Indian police either lax and corrupt or fanatically suspicious . . .

A Welfare System At Work

Foregrounds the theme of care and analyses it from a gender perspective

French Translation Of The Two Great Epics

Attentive readers of Serge Demetrian's Le Ramayana and Le Mahabharata will find clues that reveal their oral source. Demetrian has translated the two great epics into French from oral narratives, particularly those recounted in Kancheepuram.

Human Rights Discourse

There has always been a tendency to view human rights as rather western with Asian societies having little to contribute to dialogue on this topic that is continually the focus of the contemporary world.

Social Dimensions Of Security

Pleads for a very comprehensive definition of `security' that moves away from a state-centric approach

Lndn Smaks Me

This 343-pg medium-fat-boy comes with plenty of surface sass and shiny digit-beads. Sure, it's kind of readable, (slong as u in't expectin a deep Joyce Ulysses type multi-level PDA)

That Familiar Feeling
Does not tell us anything startingly new, but at least covers known ground in readable, even simplistic ways - a useful, honest, sincere, and unpretentious contribution.

Will You Step Into My Arbour?

Excellent tracing of Delhi's Grand Trunk Route. A must in every educated house, school, college and library.

Deconstructing The Victorian Novel

This anthology weaves together important themes in a historical narrative.

A Time For Healing

These poems show the vibrancy and the diversity of the Indian poetic tradition.

An Unusual Self-Portrait

Truly, this is a story of courage under fire.

Richly Embroidered Moments

Brahma's Dream: A Novel; Shree Ghatage; IndiaInk; Rs. 495.

A World Of Deception

Donna Leon's book explores another Venice, a complex city of intrigue and corruption.

A Rounder Definition

What does it means to be an expat in Bangalore?

A Place Like Any Other

Set in Thailand, the stories focus on hopes, disappointments and everyday struggles.

Quietly Affirmative

The Grip of Change is a work of literature, not a manifesto.

Aesthetics Of Resistance

Anthems chronicles the achievements of the Urdu Progressive Writers' Movement.

Playtime In The Pastures Of Language

Hoskoté's sense of linguistic play comes through in this volume.


Prior to Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code, few outside the Catholic Church

In A New Light

"I would not be surprised if this novel turns out to be his magnum opus eventually."

First Impressions

When Ismail flees his fly-ridden, dirt-encrusted little village, he is on a journey to nowhere.

A Master's Vision

A rare collection of O.V. Vijayan's political cartoons and writings provides a glimpse of his genius.

Gentle And Contained

In today’s globalized world, water is a scarce resource, which is being privatized, marketed and sold.

Being Famous Is Not Enough

There are three reasons. First, far too many books are being published and an author cannot be just another face in the crowd.

Two Brands That Have Taken The Market By Storm

David Beckham is among the best known names in the world today. The surname rings more bells than those of kings or prime ministers, politicians or authors.

Rule And Ruin

This is the story of a day that shook India as few other events have done since 1947.

Focus On Agrarian Economy

Interesting reads in Kannada...  

What India Is Reading

The World Is flat: The Globalised World In The Twenty-First Century by Thomas L. Friedman This is a remarkable book dealing with the consequences as well as opportunities created by the digital . . .

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