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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Indian Analyst

A French ship kicks up dust

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From May 25, 2006  to May 31,  2006

Anthology Of Short Novels

This book is a veteran writer's presentation of 12 novellas, some serialised in magazines, in a

chronological order.

Of Platonic Love

This is an outstanding translation of an eminent Hindi romantic novel about platonic love. Its atlas is

in Allahabad, of which the lingering nostalgia of the author is evident.

An Ecological Patriot's Vision

A tribute to the acute perspective that M. Krishnan brought to the study of nature

Agama Method Of Worship

V. Viswanatha Sivachariyar; Pub. by Arulmigu Sri Dhandayuthapani Swami . . .

Modern Classic

Two plantains for 15 paise. Eight annas for getting a proxy bus ticket. Thus starts the novel,

Kuruthippunal, placing the events in an exact time frame with additional inputs about the first non-

ongress government that had come to power in the . . .

Optimisation Of Care In Cerebral Palsy

The concept of transdisciplinary approach in the management of cerebral palsy (C.P.) is astoundingly

simple as it is complex.

A Venerable Name In Publishing

Humphrey Milford, the man behind setting up the Oxford University Press (OUP) in India, is quoted as

saying that it would require `a good half-hour disquisition' to explain the difference between the

Clarendon and Oxford imprints! Rimi B. Chatterjee . . .

Against Empires Old And New

Demolishes the justification trotted out by apologists for the U.S. invasion of Iraq

Life-Changing Books

Two novels, very different in nature, still influence people.

In Search Of A Sustainable Lifestyle

Prasanna’s Desi Jeevana Paddati is both a critique of modern lifestyle and an attempt to evolve an

alternative, sustainable lifestyle, writes Ramesh Mysore.

Don't Sit In Judgment

Reassessing current assessment procedures will help students more.

A Heroic Soldier

A book on one of the ablest and most popular Army Chiefs of the country, and another on 12

distinguished soldiers.

Silent Spectator

P.V. Narasimha Rao's book on the Ayodhya demolition of December 1992 only confirms his own

culpability in what happened.

However Big The Loss, True Gamblers Will Survive

The Poker Face of Wall Street, by Aaron Brown, is all about how to gamble and win. Risky read, you

may feel, says D. MURALI, but the author's emphasis is on managing risk, not minimising it.

A Tirupur Story

Examining the role of caste and class in the transformation of Tirupur into a booming global centre

for knitwear production.

Narcotics And Empire

The book tells the story of the origins of a dominant section of the Indian capitalist class and the

rise of the city of Bombay.

Mummy Behind The Camera

by Sabeena Gadihoke is an invaluable book about a remarkable woman. Homai Vyarawalla is India’s

first woman press photographer.

A Picture In A Gallery

The Raphael Trail: The Secret History of one of the World’s most Precious Works of Art

Bridges Across Time

History is always interesting for people who have the time for it. But some periods of history never

cease to fascinate, the partition of India being one of them.

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