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Wednesday May 17, 2006

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A French ship kicks up dust

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From May 11, 2006  to May 17,  2006

Suffering Eve

The novelist has been on the forefront of the feminist movement in Kerala and this novel reiterates

her commitment to feminism like the previous works. 

Mystical Sayings

Several saints including the famous religious reformer Basaveswara and his contemporaries have tried

to interpret the intricacies of meaning in the vachanas of Allamaprabhu. 

Of A Landmark Called Avm

This latest book, an endeavour in which M. Saravanan has been admirably assisted by Ranimaindhan,

is just unputdownable. 

Kashmir's Pride

Story of this legendary craft tradition retold from a South Asian perspective 

Names Of The Divine Mother


Sahasranama Satsangam, C-8519, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070. Price not stated. 

News Media Today

This book is an impressive collection of 36 articles on the media. Among these, many are written by

some of the stars of Indian journalism, like Chandan Mitra, Vir Sanghvi, Mrinal Pande, Raghu Rai,

Sanjeev Srivastava and Rajdeep Sardesai. 

Less Than Allies, More Than Partners

An establishmentarian account of the India-U.S. nuclear deal that overstates the extent to which

the two countries share strategic interests 

An Aesthete’S Call To Art

Beneath the medical details, this is an uplifting tale of a young doctor’s dream of returning to her

village to care for patients there. 

A Doctor’S Prescription

Beneath the medical details, this is an uplifting tale of a young doctor’s dream of returning to her

village to care for patients there. 

From Physics To Metaphysics

A U.S.-based scientist of Indian origin tries to connect the material with the spiritual. 

Tackling Disharmony

It is hard to call Shakti Maira just an author and leave it at that. 

Book Rack

Compiled by Kalindi Randeri (Jaico Publishing House, Rs 275). Kamath, with four decades of rich and

varied experience, has travelled the world with an eye for people and a nose for news. 

Economics Has A Way Of Catching Up With Populist Politics

There is indeed free in politics, so much so, that debate is not on whether, but which `free' is all

right. But, eventually, economics catches up. Three reads provide a perspective on the politics and

economics of reforms, federalism and regionalism. 

Orientalism And Its Discontents

The book ignores the rigour of Edward Said's work and his explorations of critical issues of cultural


A Wonderful Instrument

This is the story of one man’s fascination with the piano. It is at once enjoyable and educative.

Woven into the narrative is an account of the history and the evolution of the piano. This book will

delight all lovers of Western music. 

Master Of Illusions

Enchantment of the Mind: Manmohan Desai’s Films By Connie Haham, Roli, Rs 395 

If The Twain Had Met

Empire of Dragons has all the trappings of a semi-historical travelogue. 

Desire, Cruelty And Work

Sex Workers of India: Diversity in Practice of Prostitution and Ways of Life By Moni Nag, Allied, Price

not mentioned 

Home Again

Heart-rending, heart-warming fiction, or hard history? Telinipara, around which this moving family

chronicle unfolds, is of course no imaginary spot. 

Caroe's Lessons

The book dips into archival material to trace the strategic thinking of Sir Olaf Caroe, a distinguished

Foreign Secretary of the Raj. 

Learning, Language And Literacy

An examination of the role of literacy in the study of language and the learning process, and in the

development and democratisation of societies. 

Limits Of Privacy

A book explores the relative merits of the cases for the individual's right to privacy and press


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