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Wednesday May 10, 2006

The Indian Analyst

A French ship kicks up dust

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From May 04, 2006  to May 10,  2006

Politics Of Hero Worship And Filmdom

An objective and insightful firsthand narrative of the oddities of Tamil Nadu politics by a writer and


Dominant Discourse In Politics

Paints a broad canvas of the several strands of contemporary politics impinging on secular


Early Feminist Writings

The Writings of Thangammal Bharati: Amudha Surabhi, A-7, Second Avenue, Anna Nagar East,


Is Education For All A Chimera?

Offers insight into the primary education schene in the whole country. 

Life And Teachings Of Vivekananda

Samagra Sapramanika Jeevitha Gatha — Vols 1 & 2: pub. by Ramakrishna Math, 244, R.K. Mutt Road,

Mylapore, Chennai-600004. Rs. 100 each. 

A Call For Beauty

Towards Ananda makes a plea to incorporate aesthetic principles into everyday life 

Devotional Classic

Message to Mankind (in four volumes): Swami Ramakrishna Brahmananda; pub. by Vanaprastha,

Senior Citizen's Complex, Kasthuri Naicken Palayam, Vadavalli, Coimbatore. Rs. 1250. 

Of Deceit & Survival

Emily Barr’s Plan B is interwoven with love, dreams, betrayal and adultery. It is a tale of a young

woman, uprooted from “everything dear to her”; her dream house, her dream city, and her dream


Opportunity That Was Lost

The world’s hotspots have never been more beautiful. Afghanistan, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Kashmir. And

India’s North East. 

The 'Girl' Author

Sonia Faleiro's debut novel, The Girl, begins with a funeral. Through shifting narratives and

timeliness, it goes on to explore the life, despair and death of ‘the Girl’, in a fictional Goan village,

Azul, aptly referred to as ‘the Village of the Dead’. 

Taking The Veil Off The Seven Sisters

Tales from the north-east that bring alive the region, its people and their lives are brought out well

in this collection. 

Quest For Innocence

God's Little Soldier is an ambitious but imperfect novel. 

A Pursuit Of Pure Passion

Did you know that Gauhar Jaan was not actually the first Indian musician to have a gramophone


Mummy, I'm Bored

Want to beat boredom without feeling stressed out? Here are some tips to help kids have a blast

this summer 

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