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Wednesday April 26, 2006

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From April 20, 2006  to April 26,  2006

Seeing A Different Green

Are we in such a state of dissonance with nature that we can't smell the green grass and wet

earth? With Earth Day just gone by, Rakesh Mehar tries to get at the root of the matter When

people see one tree being cut, they don't realise the significance 

At The Cutting Edge Of Technology

The media guru Marshall McLuhan is credited with the aphorism: "If it works, it's obsolete." In the

Information Technology (IT) arena, this remains true three decades after his death, as the computer

industry churns out ideas and updates, faster . . . 

Origin And Traditions Of Classical Music

The 14 edifying essays that comprise this book written by stalwarts of music were first

commissioned by the then chairman of the Sangeet Natak Akademi, Narayana Menon, in the

mid-1980s when India was in the throes of international festivals. 

Teachings Of Vallalar

WHEN RAMALINGA Swamigal, popularly known as Arulprakasa Vallalar flourished, there prevailed

religious feuds, the menace of caste, and poverty. 

`Experimental' Short Stories

This book is a collection of stories under `Katha Prahelika' series a unique experiment conducted by

the popular magazine Rachana. The selection of stories is an attempt to extract home truths about

the various ways in which readers react . . . 

Abridged Ramayana

This short work deals with the epic Ramayana concisely. It opens with a conversation between Siva

and Parvati in which the Divine Mother seeks to know the `Rama tattva' from Her consort. In reply,

Siva narrates the epic. 

Financial Sector Developments

Empirical treatment of the Indian stock markets and some major developments 

Politicisation Of Violence

Story of the Godhra carnage which etched deep faults in Gujarat's social landscape 

The Tragedy Of Want In India

Poverty has always dogged Indiaís heels, although the situation has improved over time. 

Breaking Free From The Golden Cage

The tale of a young girl coping with life in a traditional milieu is engrossing as well as brutal. 

Push And Pull Of The Mba Bull Run

The book offers a peep into the frenetic environment of Wharton business school and the lives of its

highly ambitious students. 

MotheríS Milk

Even though all new mothers know breast milk is ideal for their babies many of them find it difficult

to cope with the act of breast feeding. 

Bringing Up Mom And Baby

The book takes an objective look at the day-to-day business of bringing up a baby. 

Help! I'm Drowning In Words

What happens to a reader in the book boom era, asks BAGESHREE S. on the eve of World Book Day 

The Truth Behind History

M.J. Akbar's latest book is a history of India couched as a fascinating family chronicle It would be a

tragedy if one were to be imprisoned by despair 

Three Players Of Trade Game In New Economic Geography

"Europe is changing and reinventing itself," writes Jean-Joseph Boillot in his book Europe after

Enlargement. And exploring what happens when there is `geoeconomic realignment of globalising

markets' are Jagdish N. Sheth and Rajendra S. Sisodia in . . . 

Memories Of Another Day

Bene Israelis represent a tiny Jewish community living peacefully on the western coast of India


Too Good To Be True

THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS By John Boyne, David Fickling, £10.99 

History For Children

History books for schoolchildren have always been criticized by parent-teacher associations from

two viewpoints. 

Winning Over Defeat

The Match Romesh Gunesekera, Bloomsbury, 

That Elusive Nook

You are writing your all-important project report and have decided you will not let anything in the

world distract you. 

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