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Wednesday April 05, 2006

The Indian Analyst

A French ship kicks up dust

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From March 30, 2006  to April 05,  2006

A New Trend In Historiography

First volume of a set of interlinked studies that deploys the concept of `connected histories' to shed

important light on aspects of the history of early modern Eurasia based on a variety of materials 

Anthology Of Short Stories

THIS BOOK showcases Ashokamitran's talents, which can be traced back to the special numbers of magazines. 

Abc Of Counselling

Counselling is a process that encourages people to live a more satisfying and resourceful life. 

Contemporary Haute Couture

A celebration of 32 design signatures and the life stories of these designers 

Literary Journey

A Festschrift Collection for Y. Ramakrishna: Edited by `Mo'&`Smile'; Pub. by `Mo', 303, Rise `n'

View, Road-3, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-34. Rs. 250. 

Concerns of a sensitive mind

U p jayaraj (1950-1999) was one of the most talented short story writers of his time. .

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