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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Indian Analyst

A French ship kicks up dust

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From March  23, 2006  to March 29,  2006


Development Ethics

Looks at how equating development with economic growth has been challenged 

Prospects Of Global Investment

This investment report focusses on the internationalisation of r&d by Transnational corporations

Ringside View Of Reforms

Analysis of India's macroeconomic policies and performance by a key member of the policy team Book Awards

Indian literary excellence was celebrated recently at the Hutch Crossword Book Awards 2005. 

Devotional Work

The Bhagavatha Purana is to be appreciated at two levels. It is a text on devotion first (the name

itself indicates it) since it deals with the lives of great devotees; secondly, for its philosophical

tenets, as is seen from the praises . . . 

Victimised Eve

Women have always been at the receiving end; narratives of their sufferings are at times tragic. Myth As Metaphor In Feminist Fiction

An exploration of the psychological states represented by the ancient myths of India marking

Pudumaipithan's growth as a creative thinker.

Urdu Literary Creations

This is a collection of some past issues of the four-page weekly, Urdu Nama, together with thos

numbers, which were edited after the decision to stop the publication of the weekly was reversed

owing to popular demand.

Between The Sounds Of Silence

The book is a collection of insights from across the ages. 

 Revolution With Words

The book is an attempt to retrieve the spirit of resistance that once roamed freely in Urdu literature.

Of An Indomitable Spirit

The book convincingly depicts the lives of two women, divided by class but united by bereavement.

The Politics Of Modernity

The book takes a meditative yet practical look at a subject that has been much written about. 

Guru Dutt By The Letter

What distinguished the work of Guru Dutt was the extension of his personality in his films.

A Heady Mix

Chinese gadgets, Korean tourists, Indian techies and drivers... and rumours of Asian world


Eclectic Culture

A comprehensive book on a little known region. 

Laboured Love

A book of enthusiastic gushing, some of it interesting, most of it predictable. 

 Where The Mind Is `Not Halved By A Horizon'

Amartya's Sen whips up a `stirring read' in his book Identity and Violence which talks about how

people can interact with each other in a great many different ways. And Ram Puniyani's Religion,

Power and Violence discusses globalisation and . . .

Back To The War Front

The institute for Defence Studies and Analyses is a premier institution in south Asia for strategic

studies. It brings out two journals: Strategic Analysis (called IDSA Journal before 1987) and

Strategic Digest

Seeking Guidance

If you put aside all the hype about Indian writing in English that springs up every now and then

because of the huge advances given, the vast bulk of Indian publishing still deals with educational

books for schools and colleges, professional . . . 

The Final Chapter?

The news of Premier Bookshop's possible closure by the end of April has left Bangaloreans



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