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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

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A French ship kicks up dust

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From March  16, 2006  to March 22,  2006


Tamil Cultural History

Anandarangam Pillai's diaries written in the mid-18th century constitute a very important landmark in Tamil cultural history. 

History Of Saiva Siddhanta Tradition

Presents the philosophy of the southern school of Saivism from a historical standpoint 

Einstein's Contribution To Physics

The year 2005 marks the centenary of the publication of the Theory of Relativity, commemorating this path-breaking contribution of Einstein. 

Village Vistas

Right from the title given to the book, the author has brought in a lot of novelty in this novel.

Milestones In Mathematics

Distills the unwieldy mass of mathematical knowledge of the 20th century into a fascinating and authoritative overview of the subject 

Literature, Identity And Culture

Focusses on the history of social and cultural practices in Tamil Nadu in the context of colonial modernity 

Notions Of Water Scarcity

Case study exposing the social and power relations which usually underlie water crises 

Spiritual Master

Sri ramakrishna used to call the Ganges, on whose banks most of his life was spent, as Brahmavari, the Tide Divine. 

Trendy Talk? Whatever!

Tweaking proper words just to be high on the trend-o-meter — not really music to the ears 

More Art Than Craft, This

The translators of the book have gone beyond the orthodox tradition of translation to create poetry in their own right. 

A Spiritual Caravan

Interspersed with scholarly descriptions and heavily researched, the translation of this book allows a wider audience to enrich their lives. 

Nothing Beats Experience

Sometimes from within the murky bureaucratic setup, a lone voice of integrity may be heard.

‘Fleshing’ It Out

The author manages to render the protagonist’s character very real despite the latter’s perversity. 

Revisiting Thurber

Janardhan Roye, visited the Thurber House on a recent trip to the US. Thurber was one of the world’s most celebrated authors as well as a cartoonist. 

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